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Surrogate Stimulation

You might roll your eyes at this one, but at 6:30 this morning, I was largely of the opinion that it was Too. Damned. Early. to have to deal with cascading alarms, and worse, sluggish teenagers. But that’s really not uncommon for a day starting with M, so diagnosing my problem wasn’t terribly difficult. Solving […]

That Big, Beautiful Space Above Your Head

I will largely be off doing things today, important, non-interwebsy type things, such as being an act-first-think-later style international master spy equally at home wearing a tuxedo as carrying a sniper rifle. Or maybe I’ll be out tracking that black bear that’s been making cameos in suburban Cincinnati this week. With luck, I can reunite […]

Filling my Monday with a little Wild Rumpus

I probably should be inside at the computer concocting some long-winded, spittle-flinging, cockle-searing rant about how the kids these days don’t appreciate all the NSA snooping my tax dollars are paying for. Our how I seem to be somehow missing all the important summer movies this year as my calendar has, with good reason, thus […]

Why I wish I wasn’t working today (not because it’s Monday) and other items of note

As is typical for a Monday, I’ve got lots of things running through my head today.  Some are thoughts informed by tidbits from the weekend past, like that final few crumbs of a morning muffin that gives just a hint of the enjoyment had previously.  Mmmm…double chocolate chip muffin. What?  Chocolate is too perfectly acceptable […]

Things seen outside my window, Monday Edition

Wondering what I’ve been doing with myself today? Or why I seem to have been scarce? Don’t worry, I’m fine. Just, you know, busy. Busy doing what, you ask? Well, here’s a hint? I took it this morning while winging my way in a north-easterly direction for work. Bonus points to anyone who can identify […]

Mastering the Not-Day: The Tuesday that isn’t, the Monday that never was

It’s one of those days.  Yesterday, all of us worker types effectively won at Monday by spending Labor Day avoiding labors and instead lounged lazily in a scene of Greco-Roman-style excess.  You know how that goes, right?  Being all laid out on a burgundy velvet chaise wearing naught but a Snuggie (the modern-equivalent of a […]

Gone golfin’ (with Bonus! related haiku)

I’m so sorry there hasn’t been anything in the way of a Monday post today, but I was busy.  Busy, recreatin’, that is.  I took the day off from work and beat a helpless and otherwise undeserving bunch of golf balls around a course today with my brothers and dad. Sure it was nearly 90 […]

Various and sundry things of note

I’m bleary-eyed at best today, and contemplating the possibility of a 500 cc espresso IV drip, for reasons I’ll get to momentarily.  First, however, a few mentionable mentions: Last week I wrote a bit about how I was dragging my feet somewhat in the procession from my first novel to the next, which was, by […]