Gone golfin’ (with Bonus! related haiku)

I *so* don’t look like this when I hit
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I’m so sorry there hasn’t been anything in the way of a Monday post today, but I was busy.  Busy, recreatin’, that is.  I took the day off from work and beat a helpless and otherwise undeserving bunch of golf balls around a course today with my brothers and dad.

Sure it was nearly 90 degrees and I might have resembled a porcupine that accidentally fell into a pond afterwards, but great fun was had by all regardless.

So, instead of the decent post of which you all deserving, I give you, instead, this golf haiku:

Puddin on the Links: A haiku

Tiny, dimpled balls
Fly straight and true for others
Fly sideways for me

What did everyone else do today?


One thought on “Gone golfin’ (with Bonus! related haiku)

  1. Played 18 at Hillview today with my brothers as well. Shot horribly, but had a great time. Great course. Really breezy and well taken care of.


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