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Green As The Fairway We Didn’t Play

The alumni association for the high school I attended (and a significant fraction of my family dedicated their lives to) held a golf outing today. Despite years of evidence supporting the theory that I should never be allowed to swing a golf club, I played in a foursome with my dad and two brothers. Believe […]

How to have an Uber good time

A very good friend of my celebrated his 40th birthday (belatedly, but that’s not important right now) this past weekend, and, as you do when making hay about such things,  roped the Whole Gang together to do so.  The husbands—and yes, that includes me, regardless of whether I’m still authorized to carry a Man Card—began […]

The solstice and my raging pink scalp of doom

If I recall correctly, tomorrow, June 20th, is the summer solstice for those of us here on planet Earth.  You Beta Hydroxians only have one planetary revolution every 60 years, so I’m afraid your next solstice is roughly 23 years off.  But that’s okay, you can have a pint or six of bitter with us […]

Gone golfin’ (with Bonus! related haiku)

I’m so sorry there hasn’t been anything in the way of a Monday post today, but I was busy.  Busy, recreatin’, that is.  I took the day off from work and beat a helpless and otherwise undeserving bunch of golf balls around a course today with my brothers and dad. Sure it was nearly 90 […]