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A Space-Related Socks Haiku

Don’t be silly now Life would be too Earthly with Just one NASA pair

A Puzzle Wrapped In Haiku

Diminutive type Likes to help with bazooka So then, who am I?

Haiku Two Ways (About Socks)

Inconceivable! Five whole months into ’18 Without sock haiku A dawn glance in err Not ladybug socks as thought Two-tone spots still win

A Monday Haiku, Threatening Great Expense

Front door needs replacedPut off for many moons, nowAdulting brings tears

A Haiku As A Lame Excuse

Work ate today’s post…

A Haiku For Web Development Nerds

Spent my day knee-deep, Model View Controller-ing Brain’s gone all to mush.

A Haiku For The Bengals Playoff Berth

So much determined Such regular season win! Bring it, damn Steelers.

The Binge-Watcher’s Lament, A Haiku For Netflix’s Daredevil

Loved a show. So muchGulped it down, Solo-cup style Empty cup. Now what?

A Haiku For The Baffling Devotion To Girl Scout Cookies

Each year Girl Scouts rule. O’er a Thin Mint reign I’ll take nice chocolate chips, thanks

A Haiku For Writing And Revising A Novel

Making words is hardSometimes, I wonder: Why notjust make beer instead?