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A Monday Haiku, Threatening Great Expense

Front door needs replacedPut off for many moons, nowAdulting brings tears

A Haiku As A Lame Excuse

Work ate today’s post…

A Haiku For Web Development Nerds

Spent my day knee-deep, Model View Controller-ing Brain’s gone all to mush.

A Haiku For The Bengals Playoff Berth

So much determined Such regular season win! Bring it, damn Steelers.

The Binge-Watcher’s Lament, A Haiku For Netflix’s Daredevil

Loved a show. So muchGulped it down, Solo-cup style Empty cup. Now what?

A Haiku For The Baffling Devotion To Girl Scout Cookies

Each year Girl Scouts rule. O’er a Thin Mint reign I’ll take nice chocolate chips, thanks

A Haiku For Writing And Revising A Novel

Making words is hardSometimes, I wonder: Why notjust make beer instead?

A Haiku For One Week of Standard Time

Lights on driving homeDay feels done before dinner.Suck it, Standard Time As you can see, I’m not a huge fan of the whole fall/winter Standard Time business. If you ask me, we should stick to Savings Time year round.  I’m mean, sure, it’s dark in the mornings then, but AM darkness makes me feel like […]

A Haiku For Adjusting To The First Month Of School

Alarm shocks replaceslow, easy morningsYawns start now with a gold bus In other words, I pretty much perpetually need a nap. Like, every moment of the day. Right now even. Anybody have a cot I can borrow? Pud’n

A Haiku Triplet For The Lightning Bug Days Of Summer

My friend wrote a book That ended counting fireflies I’ve never counted I’ve collected them Kept them in faux lantern jars But never counted Four decades of bugs Caught, marveled, released again Tonight, I’ll count them