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A Haiku For The School Socks I Wore to Eldest Son’s Regional Soccer Game

Every parent’s life…

A Haiku For Unlikely Accomplishment

The end draws nearer…

A Haiku In Support Of Animal Week II

Bucks, Llamas, and Moose Animal Week 2, Oh My Better than the first!

A Haiku For Things That Make Sense When Nearing Bedtime

Late night; matched the throw With checked socks, purple and blue Life: finding patterns

A Haiku for The Obligatory Soccer Balls

Sports Week means sport socks Eldest played soccer tonight Thus, I had no choice

A Dog Being Sweet, Plus Socks, In Haiku

Smoky in repose His friend, cuddled in soft jaws Stripes, matching my shirt

A Haiku For When You’re Too Tired To Properly Address Arglye Socks

School’s In. Work all day. Soccer goes late. Love it. But. No words for argyle.

Haiku For Seeing The Colors Wrong At 6:30 AM

Triangles on foot Believed they were red on black Sun proved me the fool

A Haiku For Tuesday’s Animals On My Feet

A storybook pair Turtles and toads together Cheer their adventure

Bringing Mt. Fuji To My Feet (in haiku)

The Rising Sun calls Tickets, time in short supply Must make due with socks