Saturday Debate: Chewing gum

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I suppose I could take the easy way out with today’s Saturday Debate, since Father’s Day is tomorrow and all.  If you’ll recall, last month for Mother’s Day, I stooped so low as to offer you this silly thing.

But, as I am a father and also, not coincidentally, have a father, it seemed wrong somehow to concoct any sort of debate on the matter.  The idea seemed a little self-congratulatory to me.

Luckily, though, today was game day for the Puddin Pop’s baseball team, so I had 3 long, sunbaked hours to consider selecting a topic.  Of course, instead of doing that, I seem to recall spending most of the game talking to a purple spotted giraffe named Austin about the nature of Man vs. his darker half. 

Then again, Austin might have been a hallucination based on the sun and heat.  If he was, he’s not talking about it now.

Regardless, I did actually spend a little time, the seemingly interminable 3rd inning, to be precise, considering something that is absolutely fundamental to something like baseball that I hadn’t given much thought since I was, oh, 10 or so.  Which brings me to that topic of the day:

Chewing Gum: A imperative for a full life or positively pointless?

I for one, am a proponent, and believe Big League Chew (Wild Grape flavor, of course) to be the pinnacle of mankind’s evolution in the vein of  candy goods with recreational ties. 

I suspect opinions will vary.  Why not share yours?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Debate: Chewing gum

  1. I can’t remember the last time I chewed gum; as I consider it a big waste of time and money, and I know I don’t have to tell you how I feel about watermelon gum! YUCK!!!!!!!


  2. A life long lover of both gum and baseball cards, I vote yay. Of course, I’m forbidden to chew in public as I reputedly “chew like a cow”. Certainly that opinion is in error. LOL


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