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Surrogate Stimulation

You might roll your eyes at this one, but at 6:30 this morning, I was largely of the opinion that it was Too. Damned. Early. to have to deal with cascading alarms, and worse, sluggish teenagers. But that’s really not uncommon for a day starting with M, so diagnosing my problem wasn’t terribly difficult.

Solving it, though, is never quite as simple. As is typical on such days, what I really needed was a quick 7 AM pick-me-up. That said, I’m wise enough (read: old) to recognize that things like “energy shots” cause more problems than they solve, and sadly, there’s really just no amount of coffee capable of dealing with a Monday.

Which made today’s sock choice pretty simple. Sure, the “unidentified” cola knitted into these crews hasn’t contained the controlled substance able to give anyone an actual chemical pick-me-up for, like, a century (thank goodness), but knowing I had those perky curved bottles on my feet this morning definitely helped…at least a little bit.

And on any day that starts after the weekend stops, I’ll take whatever little bit I can muster.

Have a great week, and try to be…a little different…when and if you get the chance!

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