Mother’s Day Colors

I didn’t have any flowers to wear today, so for Mother’s Day I picked a pair with a color palette I knew both my wife and Mom would find appealing.

Here’s to my amazing mother, who taught me all the important things in life, like how to load a dishwasher properly, how to dress myself without looking “lopperjawed” (which Is a word I never really got until recently realizing it may be a deviation of “whopperjawed” and how to truly love a book. More importantly, she helped me conquer the inherent laziness of my nature by drilling into my head that “you do something right or don’t bother doing it at all” at least ten thousand times in my first 18 years. (This is the “No Half-Ass Axiom”).

If my mom is responsible for the me who was me the first 20-25 years of my life, it’s my beautiful, remarkably tolerant wife, the Puddinette, who has shaped the years since. Together we’ve learned how a partnership works (or occasionally could work better, she’s the best, most loving and dedicated mother to my kids I could ever have hoped for, and she keeps me from spiraling into the gutter or living on trash heap of my own creation.

I am privileged to have had my life touched by them both, and I have neither adequate, not socks, to represent how much they both mean to me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Grammy Puddin. Happy Mother’s Day, Puddinette. You both mean the world to me.

And Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else out there with a special lady who, one way or another, has made you who you are, and especially to all the ladies responsible for being so much to so many.

One thought on “Mother’s Day Colors

  1. Thanks for the love Andrew! It was a great Mother’s Day, thanks to everyone who shared it with me and I really enjoyed the BPE!!!! Love my kidlings to the moon and back!!!!
    Another useful word when it comes to clothing is “dutchy.” I sprang that one on you’re dad when we were dating. He didn’t get it til he bought a new coat and it looked dutchy! Your grandmother hemmed it for him — no longer dutchy!!!😀


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