…And In The Pastels Bind Them

After a week full of irritatingly zoomed and cropped sock shots, it’s time for a full confession. I didn’t do all that just because I felt like doing something different, or even mostly because of it. No, truth is, all that nonsense was a necessity because of Puddintopia Blogging Rule #4: Thou Shalt Not Broadcast […]

One Picture To Find Them…

This one from yesterday tells pretty much the whole tale of why I’ve been posting cryptic closeups for the last week. Anyone want to guess? You have until 10 pm tonight, at which point all will be revealed!

What I Did On My Summer Hiatus

It seems as if every time I turn around, there’s another new way to dot the I’s, cross the t’s, and close the book on summer. It’s over at the Fall Equinox! No, dummy, it’s over at Labor Day! Screw you guys, it’s over when the distributors ship us pumpkin beers! I don’t know what […]

What I Saw On My Summer Vacation

I shaved this morning. Normally, of course, that would range on the Notable Activities list somewhere between “Clipped My Nails” and “Filled The Washer Fluid”.  It ain’t exactly compelling news to start a post with, is what I’m saying. Believe it not, though, it actually is kind of somewhat notable today—if only today—because I spent […]

Summer Vacation, Week Two: An Adventure In Space And Time

I guess it’s the second week of summer vacation now? I think that’s right. At least, where we live. Truth be told, the minute summer break starts for the kids, I immediately lose the ability to track time and/or events in a meaningful, relative way. I think it’s like some built-in defense mechanism to keep […]

A Little Time Off The Routine

There’s a pretty good chance I’ve written enough times about the vital importance of keeping a young, largish family like ours affixed to the regular weekly schedule that you’d rather hear me pitch life insurance or bend your ear about a sweet deal on a time share in Boca Raton. But here’s the thing I […]

A haiku for post-Holiday winter

Mid-JanuaryDoldrums, malaise, ennui. Bleh.Time to plan a trip.

Sometimes it just takes a vacation day to get the sparkly magic back

Ever since we got home from our start-of-the-summer trip to Disney, the Puddinette and I have been intending to take the family to King’s Island.  Not only because it’s a prime destination for the roller coaster-set, but it also has the added advantages of We don’t have to drive 12 sanity-rending hours to get there, […]