A Little Time Off The Routine

There’s a pretty good chance I’ve written enough times about the vital importance of keeping a young, largish family like ours affixed to the regular weekly schedule that you’d rather hear me pitch life insurance or bend your ear about a sweet deal on a time share in Boca Raton. But here’s the thing I haven’t written much about: the absolutely necessity of occasionally deviating from said routine.

And that’s exactly what we did this evening.

See, because when I left work, the sky looked like this:


So we packed up the family, some fruit and some fried chicken, and went here:


And, well, it just wouldn’t have been okay to do all that and not follow up with a little of this:


With the kids winding towards the end of their Spring Break, I scheduled Friday off of work. We’re going to get out tomorrow and over the weekend and have some adventures. But don’t worry, trusty Schedule, there’s no call to fret. I promise we’ll be back with you next week, just like clockwork. For the next few days, though, those of us here at la Casa de Puddin will be flying by the seat of our pants.

If you need anything, I’ll be living off the clock for a bit.

And I pretty sure it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


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