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A Little Time Off The Routine

There’s a pretty good chance I’ve written enough times about the vital importance of keeping a young, largish family like ours affixed to the regular weekly schedule that you’d rather hear me pitch life insurance or bend your ear about a sweet deal on a time share in Boca Raton. But here’s the thing I […]

Stupid Hot Days, Summer Colds, and Wax People

Well, we all knew it had to happen eventually. We’d gotten to the middle of July and yet for the most part, this summer had been remarkable well-mannered.  Sure, it’s been warm, but not, like, unpleasantly, irrationally, unwholesomely, comes-into-your-home-and-eats-your-last-Thin-Mint-without-asking-you rudely, objectionably hot.  [For the record, I’m not allowed to use adverbs in my novels anymore, […]

An Independence Day primer

Before you get your suspenders all twisted up in an uncomfortable, constricting knot (and that goes for both the over-the-shoulder variety as well as the around-the-calves-to-hold-up-my-Mad-Men-esque-black-socks), there will be no history lessons associated with this post. Which is not to say it won’t become some kind of lesson for the children of tomorrow, a cautionary […]

Heat Management Haiku

Weekend. So. Damned. Hot. Cool, clear swimming pool beckons And then, ice cream follows.

Defying the heat in one delicious step

I guess it’s pretty much common knowledge that the better part of the continental U. S. of A. is experiencing heat of epic proportions, right?  I mean, like, apocalyptic, Hell-hath-manifested-on-Earth, hard-as-rock-buffet-style-egg scramblin’ on the sidewalk, too-hot-even-stand-outside hot? Hyperbole?  Who, me?  Naaaaaaah. Ok, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s still pretty damned warm out […]