What I Saw On My Summer Vacation

I shaved this morning. Normally, of course, that would range on the Notable Activities list somewhere between “Clipped My Nails” and “Filled The Washer Fluid”.  It ain’t exactly compelling news to start a post with, is what I’m saying. Believe it not, though, it actually is kind of somewhat notable today—if only today—because I spent the better part of a week not shaving.

Vacation, see.

I don’t shave on vacation.  If I have to shave on vacation for something, well, the world has either stopped making sense altogether, or drastic mistakes have been made.  Because shaving means fancy-times.  And relaxin’, which is what I go looking for when I do some vacationing, is pretty much the sworn enemy of fancy-times.

It’s in the Puddin Code.  Section II. Look it up.

(Just in case anyone is confused, we’re only talking neck whiskers here. I’m still fully bearded. In fact, if I was to get my way, I’ll remain fully bearded until the End Of All Things. Because beards ROOLZ, duh.)

Anyway, having had to cope with a shave and a return to work all on the same day, I’m basically not capable of writing anything more thought-provoking today than, “Hey, I had to shave! Woe unto me! *weeping noises*”

So, tomorrow, then, or possibly Thursday, I will awe and delight you with the tale of the things I learned in the Great Smoky Mountains during our pretty rockin’ funtimes summer vacation.

For now, though, I give you pictures to tide you over.

No selfies, I promise.


Here’s the view from the back deck of our cabin. Not too shabby, right?


Look! Wildlife doing native things! Well, okay, actually Puddinlings are doing silly things at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.


Ack! What is that?


Fear not, I know it looks like a Puddin selfie, but I’m keeping my “no selfies” promise.  In fact, yes, that’s actually a real, honest-to-goodness black bear. A cub, maybe? I think?


There’s a deer, too, but you can’t see it very well. Basically, I’m the worst photographer in the history of picture-taking devices. Prehistoric man cave painted better representations than I can get with a camera.


Okay, but then I sort-of redeemed myself with this picture of a crow just kickin’ it on a fence post.


We ate lunch with this view one day. I’ll have the ham sandwich with a side of breathtaking, please?


After that lunch we hiked up the side of a mountain to see an 85-foot waterfall. I nearly died from all the gorgeous. And the hiking, but I’m lazy city folk, so that’s to be expected.


And here the sun is setting behind me on our last night, casting a gasp-worthy glow over the view from the cabin.

How was our vacation then? Well, I think maybe this last picture says it all.


Now do you see why I’m so grumpy about all the shaving?

More words about our trip to Gatlinburg to come!

You’ve been warned.


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  1. I think you must get your picture-taking prowess from your father! Did you take any pictures of cakes?? 🙂


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