Fish-Boned And Betrayed

I had…not a great day today, kids. I found out that someone I thought of as a friend has been lying to me for some time, apparently, and basically betrayed my trust and the trust of many others I consider my friends.

Which, believe it or not, actually makes today’s socks kind of perfect.

I put these on this morning as a continuation of Shark Week, because, seriously, what could be more on point than a bunch of fish skeletons that have clearly been through the shark’s “internal tour”? As it happens, though, by mid-afternoon, I was feeling every bit as picked-clean as the fish bones on my feet. Surprisingly, though, knowing I had the right socks, at least, gave me a little bit of comfort, when I was pretty much otherwise feeling dumbfounded and shell-shocked.

Because, sureC sometimes you’re the shark, but all too often, you end up the the fish skeleton.

PS: Don’t waste any worries for me, please. Nothing truly damaged here but my pride. All are doing well at La Casa de Puddin.

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