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Fish-Boned And Betrayed

I had…not a great day today, kids. I found out that someone I thought of as a friend has been lying to me for some time, apparently, and basically betrayed my trust and the trust of many others I consider my friends. Which, believe it or not, actually makes today’s socks kind of perfect. I […]

Five Years Later, What Am I Even Doing Anymore? Well, Besides Cookies

Yes, contrary to what you’re probably thinking, I am aware of the elephant in the room. In fact, I’d say this tweet of mine from yesterday fairly well points out that elephant, paints it pink, calls it smelly, and nicknames it “Priscilla”: Someone should put a stop to the tumbleweeds rolling across my blog. Anyone? […]

A Haiku For Writing And Revising A Novel

Making words is hardSometimes, I wonder: Why notjust make beer instead?

Puddin’s Got A Brand New Gig

Sometimes I get the feeling deep down in the hard, crystally, freezer-burnt depths of my stinky soul that I’m not being as prolific a blogger as I’d like to be these days. Because the fact of the matter is… HEY! WAIT! Come back! Look, I know you’re about a millisecond away from closing this browser […]

A Limerick For Writers Who Let Things, Um, Deteriorate While Focused On A Project

There once was a writer-type guyWho awoke with his desk a pig styToasted crumbs filled the keysAnd with the scent of old cheeseHe got the cleaner and tried not to cry (Yep, I cleaned my desk today. Look! It’s shiny and dust-free! And, yes, that’s really an except from Project Tennyson. But no, I don’t […]

About That Whole “No Mas Words” Thing

Of course it was an April Fool’s Day thing My very precocious five year-old (who still occasionally justifies his original moniker, The Attitude, even if with less frequency these days) tends to become a tad uneasy when he thinks we’re yanking his chain about something. For instance, every time I quip something like, oh, “we’re […]

A Gluttonous Reward For Finishing That Thing

What’s that gooey pan of deliciousness, you ask?  I’ll tell you, my friend, it’s brownies. A big pan of yummy, just-baked-and-waiting-for-someone-likely-named-Puddin-to-come-embarrass-himself-in-gluttonous-joy, brownies.  Err, well, a partial pan of them, anyway. The kids obviously executed their right of first refusal.

Writing really, REALLY is rewriting

If you’re one of the three people that actually keeps track of the progress bar there to the right of the blog, you’re probably wondering why in the name of the unholy new maths Project Tennyson hasn’t advanced in any way, shape, or identifiable form in, like, months. Literally, I think the last time I […]

Excuses, excuses, fish, lizard.

I really should post something interesting for you. I mean, I really want to, too. No time, though. Not this weekend, anyway. I’m knee-deep in the home stretch of revising Project Macaroni. Underwater. In over my head. Up a creek. Down and out. Insert directionally-related idiom here. After this bout of revisions, it goes to […]

Project Macaroni Status: Complete. Achievement Unlocked!

Huzzah! After two longs months of toiling daily in the word mines, reeking of coffee, weakness, dark chocolate, candy-coating, bourbon, flop sweat, and doom, I have finally, finally finished the first draft of my latest novel, codenamed Project Macaroni. How can you believe me, you ask? Especially as I’m known to make stuff up on […]