Excuses, excuses, fish, lizard.

I really should post something interesting for you. I mean, I really want to, too.

No time, though. Not this weekend, anyway. I’m knee-deep in the home stretch of revising Project Macaroni. Underwater. In over my head. Up a creek. Down and out. Insert directionally-related idiom here.

After this bout of revisions, it goes to beta readers. My new baby will take its first fumbling steps out into the world. With luck, right after that, I’m gonna watch the Bengals on Monday Night Football and drink beer.  Until then, I’m afraid I’m largely going to be as useless as a fish in space.

Yeah, I dunno either. See, I shouldn’t even be doing this.

So, um, until I’m done, maybe talk amongst themselves.

Or…here, have a picture. Discuss. Until, you know, later. Or something.


Have a great weekend.

Don’t set the place on fire.