Getting Busy And Old And Exploiting Taylor Swift Songs

I have to apologize for not posting sooner this week. I was out of town doing that work thing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, off having middle-aged dude adventures in Greenville, SC and Wallingford, CT (which is not too far from Hartford). Oh, and, for the record, “middle-aged dude adventures” means having too much curry at the faux Irish Pub and then binge watching Parks and Recreation in one’s hotel room.

Yes, I rock that hard. 

Today, though, is a different story. No travel today, but, still, it hasn’t exactly been routine. See, coz its my birthday. Today I turned 42 years old. But, I swear, I still feel about half that. 

Well, except for the first half hour after waking up. 

Of course. I’m not half that. I’m decidedly middle aged now, which means I spend more time being responsible that foolhardy. But that okay, there’s still plenty of time in my days for a bit of shenanigans. And I do make a point, still, to routinely make poor life decisions at 2:45 AM. 

Heck, chances are, I’ll do that later tonight. 

But, for now, I thought that being officially 42 today, this would be the perfect moment to name drop Taylor Swift and refer to the parody I wrote of  her hit track, 22.

It feels like a perfect night to put on my p-jays
And rub my sore feet, ah, ah, ah, ah
It feels like a perfect night to turn in early
Gotta work at daybreak, ah, ah, ah, ah

So go read that post.It’s chock full amusement. Or, least, it amuses me. But, then, maybe it’s because I’m aged now. Either way, with that, I think I’m going to call it a night before Nurse Pratchet brings in the sleepy time pills. 

Have a great night and an awesome tomorrow, and whatever you do, stay young at heart.

Well, unless you can stay 22. Then stay 22. Duh.


PS: Have some brownies too. Because that’s what I’m gonna do. Because brownies rule, obviously. 

3 thoughts on “Getting Busy And Old And Exploiting Taylor Swift Songs

  1. Good humor and good advice. Luckily, you’re never to old for your mind to run amuck. Unfortunately, the body become reluctant to particpate 🙂 May your mind and body work out a mutual agreement so you can sail on.


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