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Getting Busy And Old And Exploiting Taylor Swift Songs

I have to apologize for not posting sooner this week. I was out of town doing that work thing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, off having middle-aged dude adventures in Greenville, SC and Wallingford, CT (which is not too far from Hartford). Oh, and, for the record, “middle-aged dude adventures” means having too much curry at […]

But It’s All Going To Be Okay, Internet. Because Chocolate.

As it turns out, it’s Chocolate Day. Or National Chocolate Day? Or Lets Use This As A Thin Excuse To Gorge On Chocolate Day? Whatever. All I know is…brownies! And if that doesn’t cure your summer holiday hangover, my guess is you’re probably beyond all hope. Pud’n

Foregoing The Usual Birthday Post (Brownie Now!)

Yesterday I was buzzing like a bee, all a-rarin’ to go, and chomping at the bit, even, consumed with magnificent intention to write The Annual Birthday post. I’m sure it would have been full of faux wisdom and charm, and reminders that one’s birthday makes them no more than 24 hours older than the day […]

A Gluttonous Reward For Finishing That Thing

What’s that gooey pan of deliciousness, you ask?  I’ll tell you, my friend, it’s brownies. A big pan of yummy, just-baked-and-waiting-for-someone-likely-named-Puddin-to-come-embarrass-himself-in-gluttonous-joy, brownies.  Err, well, a partial pan of them, anyway. The kids obviously executed their right of first refusal.

Evidence of my continued existence

I swear I’m not dead.  I just had to do some traveling this week. I spent two more wonderful days in lovely Wallingford, Connecticut.  But I’m happy to say that by the time this post is publish, I’ll be at 29,000 feet or something, winging my way home after a brief stopover in Charlotte, North […]

Brownies: The New Cupcake

While I was off pretending that I can play hockey Sunday night, the Puddinette, for no reason other than because She. Is. Awesome, made a pan of brownies from scratch.  I’m going to say that again, because it’s important, she made brownies from scratch.  Which means they had actual cocoa and actual eggs and actual […]

Best Birthday Gift EVAH

As soon as your birthday has come and gone (as mine has now done for 2012), everyone and their third step-cousin asks if you “got anything good”.  The answer is, yes, yes I did get something good. I would make you guess, but the old, “is it bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a tricked-out […]