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A Post Of Many Posts

Being Friday evening already, I have little doubt that most of you are busy readying yourselves for the inevitable carnival of debauchery that comes with the arrival of the weekend. Well, unless you’re like me, in which case you’re planning to sit in the comfy chair later tonight, play a few cutthroat rounds of Words […]

Uh oh, it’s Magic

Imagine my complete and utter disbelief when I realized yesterday that it’s been an entire week since I posted anything here.  Quite frankly, I should be ashamed of myself.  I mean, going a full week without so much as a stick figure drawing or a haiku is a level of laziness tantamount to hiding in […]

Unrelated things you should know about

Some people get to travel to interesting, exciting places for business. New York City, Paris, London, New Orleans, Las Vegas.  I also get to travel for business from time to time. And when I do, boy, do I ever get to go to some, um, smallish, largely unknown places. Places that occasionally might appear as […]

Stopping to smell the flowers, err, hop aroma

Have you ever noticed that everybody nowadays seems to have lists and lists of stuff they’re actively checking-off  to feel like they’re, you know, accomplishing those ever important “life goals”?  There’s the pile of books you just have to burn through because everyone says that they’re each, respectively, the best thing since Snooki’s book*; there’s […]

Revisiting resolutions, my three favorite posts, and an ominous warning

After writing a brief look ahead at 2013, I realized that the ridiculously rambly spiel about my Exciting! New! Plan! for glassware in 2013 would make an excellent post for Hoperatives.  You know, because that blog over there is about the beer, like, 24×7.  Of course, as with any post I’ve written, you can rest […]

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good…adaptation (or two)

Being Christmas day, the Puddinette are I, and of course all the puddinlings, are hanging out with extended family and making quite merry. Santa was very good to everyone, and there’s been quite a flurry of gifts changing hands all afternoon. A fabulous dinner is in the offing, (one of those belt-busters, if you know […]

Beer that won’t make you "fall down, go boom"

When I was kid, “fall down, go boom” was a commonly used phrase around the house.  I’d spin around until I couldn’t see straight, and end up splayed out on the floor like the Vitruvian Man.  And with three siblings, two of whom being younger than me, there was no shortage of the falling or […]

Thursday obviously means beer time

Well, no so much for me, at least from a consumption perspective, because I have to run early tomorrow morning.  And if there’s anything I’ve proven to myself so far, it’s that late night beer drinking + early AM running = Massive Ugh.  But that’s okay!  Because what I really meant was that today’s a […]

A Few Tidbits: Money, Cookies, Football and Beer (x2)

It was picture day for the kids today at school. Can you say, “Cha-ching?” Somehow I manage to forget this every year, but the long and short of life with several children of elementary  school – and quite possibly any K-12 – age is you’re basically just going to be penniless from the day school […]

Bond, Beers, and Bellyachin’

I guess it was last Saturday night, during SNL, when I saw the commercial.  It immediately made me scratch my head and mumble, “Whizza whazza whozzit?” into my beer.  I’m speaking, of course, of the new James Bond Skyfall-related ad for Heineken. That is, this one: Now, I heart me some Bond and, honestly, I […]