Happy Christmas to all and to all a good…adaptation (or two)

Being Christmas day, the Puddinette are I, and of course all the puddinlings, are hanging out with extended family and making quite merry. Santa was very good to everyone, and there’s been quite a flurry of gifts changing hands all afternoon. A fabulous dinner is in the offing, (one of those belt-busters, if you know what I mean) and A Christmas Story is on every TV screen I see.

Which is to say, Christmas has been just as merry and all-around Grade-A as one could hope. In other words, I’m feeling pretty blessed at the moment. With the exception that I could use a little sleep right now, there’s not a whole lot to complain about.

I hope your holidays are every bit as awesome, too.

On another holiday related note, I kept up the now-annual tradition of adapting a well-known Christmas story for Hoperatives.com to make it relatable for craft brew lovers. After the success of last year’s A Craft Beer Christmas Carol*, I wasn’t sure how I’d follow without looking like a fool. So I dug deep and picked one of my all-time favorites, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Without further adieu, I am proud to present How the Grinch Stole Beermas for Hoperatives.com.


*In case you missed it last year, A Craft Beer Christmas Carol was reposted in its entirety today, all five parts, on Hoperatives.com for your reading enjoyment. Hope you enjoy it!

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