Thursday obviously means beer time

beer thumbnailWell, no so much for me, at least from a consumption perspective, because I have to run early tomorrow morning.  And if there’s anything I’ve proven to myself so far, it’s that late night beer drinking + early AM running = Massive Ugh.  But that’s okay!  Because what I really meant was that today’s a good day to write about beer.  At least, if you’re me.  If you’re not, then, yes, drink some too.

Why do I always write about beer on Thursday, you ask?  Because, um, obviously, uh, yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe some week I’ll choose to write a post about beer on Wednesday, or perhaps even Tuesday.  I mean, beer doesn’t haven’t to be the topic of the day only on Thursday, right?  I could totally pick a different day to vomit out some word ramblings on the subject.

Goodness know I have ramblings every day of the week.

Anyway, protestations about my self-assigned weekly schedule notwithstanding, today is Thursday, and not surprisingly, also the day I’ve written about beer, again.

This time, though, it’s not just beer I get to rambling about!  What with the national election nonsense machine running in high gear now and just under three weeks to the Big Day, I thought it might be a worthwhile endeavor to highlight how each of the candidates from the two major tickets seem to feel about craft beer.

You know, because, really, a) craft beer, b) having more well-written sci-fi shows on TV (that don’t get cancelled in the first four weeks), and, oh yeah, c) improving reading and overall literacy are, you know, the “big” issues for me.

I’m kidding of course.  At least about the sci-fi thing.  Also that those are the only things I care about.

Point being, I conjured a little post on Hoperatives today (one that amuses me, at least) about the candidates and their respective relationship with beer.  What I realized first is that this is an odd foursome.  But then something surprising happened.  In all this thinking about politics and craft beer, I stumbled right into a realization about economic policy that’s probably going to stick with me for a long time.

And people say spending all my time thinking about beer isn’t healthy.

So!  Here’s the new post. I’m pleased with it.  If you like beer and/or politics, read it, maybe?

Also, I should mention that my weekly football/craft beer blurb was posted in Paul Daugherty’s blog on, The Morning Line today.  In case you’re not sure what to drink this Sunday during the Bengal’s game, I have a few suggestions of what to consider, and conversely, what to avoid like the plague (hint: it rhymes with Iron Kitty).

All right, that’s enough silliness from me.  Happy Thursday, everyone.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this beer talk has me a tad parched.  Oh, right.  Running.