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A momentary break from destruction

I was glad to see that world was mostly still in one piece when I got up this morning.  That said, though, the images all around us from Monday night and today are, well, pretty damn staggering.  Sandy made landfall and left a mark that I’m not sure even Godzilla could live up to.  And […]

Thursday obviously means beer time

Well, no so much for me, at least from a consumption perspective, because I have to run early tomorrow morning.  And if there’s anything I’ve proven to myself so far, it’s that late night beer drinking + early AM running = Massive Ugh.  But that’s okay!  Because what I really meant was that today’s a […]

Vote Puddin for POTUS

Like most Americans, I reckon, I watched some of the Vice Presidential debate last night on, um, I don’t know, that one channel with all the talking heads that don’t manage to really say anything.  Between you and me, I’m not sure why we have VP debates, anyway, since the Vice President of the United […]