A momentary break from destruction

I was glad to see that world was mostly still in one piece when I got up this morning.  That said, though, the images all around us from Monday night and today are, well, pretty damn staggering.  Sandy made landfall and left a mark that I’m not sure even Godzilla could live up to.  And beyond “Superstorm” Sandy, or whatever, looking beyond the East Coast weather situation, there are heart-breaking stories much closer to home, and then even after that there’s still the whole election nonsense to bear.

For the record, I’m pretty sure the only person truly gaining anything from the 2012 election is that guy who does the voice work in radio ads.  If he was smart he’d have contracted for royalties each time any of the ads are played.  Dude would be rich from all the He said-He said commercials about China and the auto industry I hear repeated every morning on my way to work.

I mean, I used to switch channels, but they’re on, like, ALL THE CHANNELS.  So now I just turn the radio off and spend a few peaceful moments in my head.  Which, just in case you’re new here and not familiar with the way my brain, um, “works”, is me saying, in effect, “Yes, I’d rather spend my time with the crazy voices that alternate between idly wondering what would happen if someone cross-bred a zebra with a platypus and telling me to burn things than listen to more of each political machines’ propaganda.”

Anyyyyyyway, since surely we could all use a break from the deluge of images of general mass destruction, chaos, and, well, deluge on this rainy, cold Tuesday, I thought I’d offer you Something Completely Different.

I write often of The Attitude, who turned 4 a scant 14 days ago, and his, well, occasional attitude.  Really though, I haven’t really done much justice by him here, because there’s a whole lot more to the kid than just a healthy dose of obstinacy.  For one thing, the boy often shows more enthusiasm than Richard Simmons conjures up the moment he slips into those shiny lamay shorts.  For another, at just barely 4 years of age, my youngest son is capable of engineering and construction feats that would confound most adults.  For instance, his train track arrangements would likely befuddle both parents, both sets of grandparents, and quite possibly more than a few city engineers.  His latest creation, which he informed me today was a “huuuuuuuuuge track”, is pictured below.

Oh, and just for reference, this is not the most complicated track he’s ever made.  A few days ago he somehow built one with an elevated split that bridged to another track and later dismantled it in favor of a double decker bridge.  I’m wondering if I should offer his services to the planners for the Brent Spence Bridge project.

Two-stage Bridge

The two-stage Bridge of Doom

Bridge Approach
Bridge Approach.  Hands up!
Bridge Decent
Bumpy bridge decent.  I made it blurry on purpose so, um, you’d feel like you were on a real train.  Yeah, that’s it.  Clearly it’s not because I’m a crappy phone photographer.
The Branch Line
The Branch Line: no matter which way the switch points, all tracks lead to fun!
It'd be bigger if he had more track
The best part is this track would be bigger if he had more track.

I don’t know about you, but seeing thing made makes me feel better about all the things falling down right about now.

And yes, even if it’s a just kid’s train tracks.


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