Socks for Social Distancing, Day 48

Not much time to rant or ramble today, kids. It’s amazing how even with being basically stuck at home living the House Arrest Dream, time still finds a way to slither away. I’ve been a regular dynamo today writing software for my employer, feeding the family, making sure we have appropriate stocks of mac and cheese on hand, and writing and doing some little marketing tasks for my alter ego, J. R. Andrews (you have checked out his, that is, my book, Famine, right?).

Yep, I was, in fact, so busy today that I just looked up and realized it’s 11:30 PM, and I haven’t yet posted my socks today.

Here then, are said socks. I wore them because at times likes these, whether you’re racing the daily clock like I am, or desperate to find ways to fill those hours, music is something that can probably help us all out in some way. Unfortunately, as a human who was asked politely to leave the elementary school band in 6 grade, I can’t exactly share music with anyone. What I can share, though, are a pair of my music-related socks.

I hope that wherever you are, these help to bring a soothing (or soulful, or striking, as needed) tune to your mind to get you over that hump and into Friday.


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