Salt, Lime, And Savoring Success

Of all the pictures, all the poses and places from this past year that I sat down with locked heels, crossed ankles, or Smoky-preseting-a-toy, I think this particular arrangement is my favorite. Even though it’s late December and too cold to be hanging out for very long on my back patio (despite how strangely warm it’s been so far this year), I decided to chill — literally — outside for a few minutes tonight for today’s picture.

Smoky sniffed at the ground a few yards away, trying to figure out where his friends, the squirrels, ran off to, while I settled in for a few minutes. I admired seeing my breath briefly before grabbing this snap of today’s celebratory cocktail. Which, admittedly, isn’t so much a cocktail as a (frequently regret-inducing) shot, but today is Day 364, so I’m perfectly happy to claim that today absolutely warrants a line of Patron across the bar.

Limes and salt optional, of course.