Socks for Social Distancing, Day 20

This is obviously the second time I’ve taken to posting about my socks on a daily basis. If you’re familiar with the blog here, you know I somehow managed to post with a different pair of socks each day throughout 2018. That wasn’t easy, but believe it or not, this is actually a little bit harder.

Not harder because taking pictures of whatever is covering my feet every day is terribly complicated. I mean, I might be a silly fool fairly regularly and sort of lazy to boot but even I can manage a photo a day. No, rather it’s because, well, there just ain’t much happening. As the majority of local humanity is tucked in or around their homes, the level of external stimulus I’m getting is roughly equivalent to that of a hibernating bear.

Which is to say, I’m doing very little and the world isn’t coming too close.

No, that said, as a card carrying introvert, I am Living. My. Best. Life these days. As a writer, though, I have to admit it can be hard to be creative when you’re basically seeing the same things day in and day out.

No one trying to deliver regular creative output ever really pined for the inspiration of monotony.

Luckily, I have bright orange and blue socks.

It admittedly ain’t much, but when the other high point of your day is waiting to see the recycling truck show up, it’s nice to be able to smile at a pair of brightly garish socks.


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