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Airmailing It In

It wouldn’t be much of a week of international travel via socks if I didn’t send postcards. So here’s a bunch of location stamps and a postmark or two to mark the occasion. Tomorrow’s Wednesday, so it must be Egypt. We’ll send you a card; wish you were here!

Bon Voyage, Feet!

It took me 5 different shots to get one of today’s socks that I was happy with, and even still, I’m not convinced I did them justice. I picked them this morning because there’s a map of world on the ankles and airplanes across the bridge of the feet, and damn, wouldn’t I have preferred […]

Soft, Comfy, and Perfectly Charred

We grilled out for Dad’s birthday today, and although we brought out the steaks rather than burgers, I still had a delightful time working a crazy hot grill in 90 degree heat. Does that make me not quite right in the head? Maybe. But few times in life will anyone ever give you as hearty […]

And A Little Cheese To Go With That

Today’s pretzel socks continue the Food Week theme in an ankle-length format that basically screams “Weekend”. Sorry, I somehow even managed to keep these things on my feet all day, which is definitely a bit of a marvel in itself. They were a bit snug, truth be told. See, coz when you’re trying to notch […]

TGI Fry-day!

I’m really pretty ashamed of myself today. I mean, fry socks on Friday? It’s almost as if I waited all week, or worse, concocted this cockamamie Food Week things just for the opportunity to wear these today while using the word “Fry-day” in the title. I will never admit that that’s what happened! Never! And […]

Haiku For Food Week Thursday

Smoky in repose Orange pizza socks just right Today, a good day

Sushi Night!

After avocados and tacos, I felt like it was time for a palette cleanser. Sushi may not quite be everybody’s favorite thing — or event a thing they’re willing to eat, what with it’s reputation for being heavily reliant on fish that’s touched less heat than Frosty the Snowman — but for me, it’s one […]

A Quick Dinner Sock Fix

You could reasonably expect that today’s socks would feature tacos considering that it’s Tuesday, and “Food Week” has this been been declared. As I unfortunately found when searching the drawer for a few this, I must have already worn the only pair of tacos I had. Which left me facing the question millions of parents […]

Absolutely (Never) Avocado

These are avocado socks. They are adorable in their green cuteness. These also could be understood to make it seem that I am somehow a fan of the weird squishy fruit. I am not. No fruit that on the right side of “turned” should have the kind of texture that can retain fingerprints. And don’t […]

Sharkless Sunday

With Shark Week a thing of the past now, I was left to my own devices today when it came to picking socks. I wore a blue checkered shirt most of the day, so I figured I’d try to get matchy with my socks. These weren’t quite perfect, but close enough to make good on […]