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Desperate For A Floral Accent

Had a hockey game tonight, and with 4 days to Valentine’s, nothing made more sense to me than to wear these dashing multi-colored roses. Because you can’t call yourself truly secure in your masculinity until you’ve worn socks that look like Grandma’s curtains into a locker room.

The Busiest Man Alive

Felt like I ran all over the tristate today taking kids hither, tither, and yon in support of their various extracurriculars. Ran all over so much, in fact, that there were times I really could have benefitted from being in two places at once. Obviously, that’s kinda not realistic, so we did the best we […]

Dogs Need Happy Hour Too

Wore the martini glasses today, in anticipation of happy hour a colleague put on the calendar last week. Smoky, it appears, wasn’t terribly impressed with my Friday after-work plans, but had one or two ideas of house own about what we should do when I got home. Incidentally, they all included playing with formerly stuffed […]

Once A Space Nerd…

Today’s pair is in honor of SpaceX’s largely successful launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket. Twenty-seven engines powered the thing our if Earth’s gravity, and then delivered Elon Musk’s 2008 Tesla Roadster into deep orbit. If that’s not an achievement worthy of rocket socks in a age where it’s been 45 years since a human […]

I don’t usually get shots o’ the socks from this angle because there’s typically some cool detail or contrasting color on the heels that I want to make sure end up in frame. Today, though? Not so much. So then here’s a view of my toes, head on. Try not to flinch.

Not-So Impossible Plaids

Another long day today. The arm of my Mickey Mouse watch is pointing at the 2, and that’s not in the PM. But that’s okay, because it means I got to wear this ensemble for longer than usual, and when your socks are such a near perfect match for your very plaid shirt, it’s a […]

Monday Night Fever

On Monday nights, if I’m lucky, and I’m in town and the guys are in town and nothing else is momentarily too off-kilter in the universe, we OGs gather at a local watering hole for an hour or so. There we discuss politics, sports, how our kids are simultaneously amazing and yet mostly somehow make […]

A Man, His Dog, And A Pair of Socks

These are the of the four things required to make watching the Big Game from a comfy recliner a success. Speaking of which, if anyone gets up, could you grab me a beer?


So I was planning on giving it one if these today… …And then giving a shout out to the Arizonas and New Mexicos out there for providing some warm winter relief to travelling Mid-Westerners (who hopefully had the good sense to pack 8 dudes into a rented RV en route for Vegas. But as you […]


When your weather app tells you something like this at 7 am, you go looking for warm footwear. All of my socks are pretty much the same, though, and not exactly of the “thick and extra warm” variety. Luckily I had these waiting in the drawer, because if you can’t have warm feet, at least […]