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Green As The Fairway We Didn’t Play

The alumni association for the high school I attended (and a significant fraction of my family dedicated their lives to) held a golf outing today. Despite years of evidence supporting the theory that I should never be allowed to swing a golf club, I played in a foursome with my dad and two brothers. Believe […]

The Wrong Day For The Right Socks

So far, I believe I’m 0-3 for wearing solid Friday Happy Hour socks and then actually making it to a happy hour. But I still dig these pretzel-and-beer socks, and instead of bellying up to the bar at 4 pm, I got to make it home early to the Puddinette’s delight. Seems like a pretty […]

Backyard Benefits

I have a feeling this is going to become one of my favorite sock “poses” in the coming months. Just me, a book, the socks, and possibly a dog on the back patio in the evening. Even the thick summer air around here doesn’t usually keep me from the patio in the evenings. Of course, […]

Fashionable Rebellion

Sooner or later someone is going to pull up in a Fashion Police van while I’m outside walking the dog in colorfully striped socks, cargo shorts, and a pair of black rubber Crocs (you know, for effect). Someone, like those people from that one TLC-show, What Not To Wear, or maybe a glassy-eyed reanimation of […]

Pattern-Based Arguments

I’m not sure of these are technically argyle or just kind of plaid. They again, I’m not sure that argyle even has a definition. I’m pretty sure I could make a very solid circular argument about the nature of the pattern…if it even is pattern. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not. Maybe there is no […]

Asleep, But Not Forgotten

Monday got away from me…again. As soon as I sat down last night, I was out like a light. In fact, before I knew what hit me, Smoky was pawing at my leg at 3 AM to go outside. I think we can all agree no one is writing a decent post about socks after […]

What Are You Prepared To Do (For Socks)?

Thus begins the summer train of ankle length socks. I wore these today because they match my hockey jersey and we played our last game until September tonihht. But more importantly, today’s choice totally showcases the paleness of my legs. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I need to consider shaving my shins and breaking […]

The NC Work Trip Two-fer

It may strain the bonds of credulity, but I swear I actually did not forgot to post about yesterday’s socks. The thing is, I was out of town for work these two days, and the Domestic Rules of Internetting forbid me from making any reference to my absence prior to my return. As you can […]

Adult Activities

I picked out what ultimately seemed like pretty adult socks today, and then spent the rest of it, well, adulting. That includes the usual work tasks, offering all manner of advice and/or unwanted meddling to my children, and taking delivery of new household appliances that are of the obligatory-work variety rather than the bright screen […]

All Business On The Feet, All Party Up On Top

We all knew this day was coming. Finally, it has arrived. The day I changed my pants after work and slid on a comfy pair of shorts to accommodate the evening’s warmer weather. The end result, of course , was pairing these perky blue-dotted work-day crews with a pair of khaki cargo shorts, to the […]