Longshots, my latest novel, is a non-stop science fiction adventure for middle grade readers and anyone else who ever looked up at to stars and dreamed of the impossible.

Living on your lazy uncle’s salvage ship in space isn’t exactly every boy’s dream, especially when “living” mostly just means “working”. But for 12 year-old Chase Conrad and his nine year-old brother, Lock, that’s all they’ve got.  At least it is until Uncle Harel’s latest bad idea lands him in a jail cell with bail set at a number of credits so big it might as well be made up.

Now the boys have to do something before bureaucrats separate them and make them wards of the New Terran Confederation of Colonies.  Luckily, the New Terran Governor’s daughter, Bree, is missing. Sure, that’s not so lucky for her, but there’s a whopping reward out for whoever brings her home. So the boys “borrow” their uncle’s ship and head out into space to find her.

Finding her proves to be simpler than they’d imagined. But when the revolutionary leader responsible for the girl’s kidnapping captures the boys too, Bree instead has to rescue them.  And she’s not about to just go home. The rebels, with the help of traitors inside the government, are planning to strike at her father’s authority and trigger an interplanetary war.

Without knowing who to trust, the three of them, on their own, will need to uncover the rebel plot and somehow put a stop to it.  Otherwise, Uncle Harel sitting in jail will be the least of their problems.

If you’d like hear more about Longshots (or any of my novels), contact me  (puddin@puddintopia.com) for additional information.


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