A triumphant return. Well, a return, at least

Hey, I’m back!  I hope everyone enjoyed Puddintopia Guest Week 2011. I know I did.  For me, there were topless beaches, frozen coconutty rum drinks with tiny pink umbrellas, swim-up bars, and quiet sunset dinners.

Oh wait, I’m confused again.  That’s a tropical vacation.  I don’t really go on tropical vacations these days.  Instead, I was up to my eyeballs in draft editing.  Which, basically, is the complete opposite of having a relaxing few days in the sun.  Yeah, editing your own work is pretty much like poking yourself with a stick over and over until it Hurts. Just. Right.

Before I start into my planned diatribe about editing, though, I have a couple of quick things to mention about Guest Week.  First, a big, gigantic “Thank You” to Josh, Keri, Julie and Tom for having my back last week.  When I first considered attempting this nonsense, I figured I’d be lucky to get a few, um, pungent-smelling guys at the library to scribble something onto library checkout cards, which I would then quickly transcribe, post, and attribute to “Twitchy”.

I think we can all agree we ended up with way better material, no offense to Twitchy.  In fact, everyone earned Mom Puddin’s seal of approval, which means they did a pretty solid job.  Truth be told, and this is point number 2, website traffic around here was actually up slightly last week in my absence.  I’m going to try very hard not to conclude that means my readers liked my guests better than me.

But let’s be honest.  You do like them better than me.  No, really, that’s fine.


Ok, so I’m kidding.  I’m thrilled, actually, that so many people who may not have been regular Puddintopia readers before happened by last week.  Maybe they stick around for a bit, maybe not.  Who knows.  Probably would help if I wrote something entertaining.  What I do know is that we got some really good stuff from people I admire.  I can’t say how thankful I am that they took time out of the daily bustle of their respective lives to give us a few hundred (or more) words.

So, was it worth it?  Did I actually get any editing done?  You betcha.  And I learned quite a bit about the whole process, too.  But I think “What I Learned about Editing Last Week” is going to have to wait for it’s own post.  Perhaps Tuesday?

Finally, did everyone who commented on Keri’s post last week email her their home address?  No, she isn’t stalking anyone…well, that I know of.  Except maybe her kids when they leave the house, but that’s just good parenting.  Anyway, she wants your home address because commenters will be getting a set of STONE KISSED coasters.  I’ve seen pictures of them, they’re hella sweet.  The Puddinette is jealous she’s prohibited from participating (it’s in the Puddintopia Terms and Conditions).  So, get ‘em while the gettin’ is good.

To sum up: I’m back, and I’m sorry for you all.  I hope you can learn to love me anyway.

If not, I’m okay talking to myself.


3 thoughts on “A triumphant return. Well, a return, at least

  1. It’s OK, Amy, you can use one EVERY time you come over, I promise!! I guess technically, I shouldn’t be eligible either, but it’s too late, I wasn’t informed about reading the fine print!! 🙂


  2. Ignorant though I am, it’s apparent there are always good uses for Stone Kissed coasters (of course, drinks won’t be among them). Good ole’ wrong tool for the job guy -lol).


  3. I have it on good authority that Keri Stevens can’t count. So, it’s quite likely that some extra coasters might end up in Mom Puddin’s mailing when Keri goes to the post office tomorrow.

    But that’s just a rumor.


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