Famine, my first novel, was born right here among the posts on Puddintopia.  It’s a dark, twisting, modern fantasy that will keep you up late to read just one more page.

Thomas Woodford was just an average guy struggling to hold together an average life when a coma put everything on hold. For 13 years he slept, nearly dead, while the world went on without him.

Until Charon, a global epidemic, brought humanity to its knees.

Tom wakes up near his hometown of Cincinnati in the care of a mysterious woman named Ana, a former doctor. While nursing him back to health, she explains the complications that accompany his second chance at life. A small percentage of the population survived the plague, but not without being changed. The few that remain, including her, can’t digest the food humans have depended on for centuries. What they can eat is in short supply. And as if potential starvation isn’t bad enough, the survivors also can’t reproduce, damning what was once humanity to extinction.

Tom, however, represents a glimmer of hope. With his untainted blood, Ana believes she might find a cure, or at least make reproduction possible again. But another faction of survivors is hunting for them. The group’s ambitious leader, Alexander, had been conducting his own dangerous experiments on Tom before Ana risked her life to rescue him. Now Alexander will stop at nothing to resume those tests, because whoever can keep the survivors alive will gain power over them all.

And Alexander intends to have that power, with or without Tom’s consent.

If you’d like hear more about Famine (or any of my novels), contact me (puddin@puddintopia.com) for additional information.

3 thoughts on “Famine

  1. It’s like a mix between The Running Man/Hunger Games/Vampires/Awesome – I’d take your pitch if I was an editor or publisher!


    1. I hadn’t thought of it that way. That’s actually a really awesome way to describe it! Keep your fingers crossed that sometime soon someone feels the same way about it you do. 🙂


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