Famine, my first novel, was born right here among the posts on Puddintopia.  It’s a dark, twisty, modern fantasy that’ll keep you up late, either to read just a few more pages, or because you’re not so sure about turning all the lights out.

When mankind is decimated by an unstoppable virus, the vampires who once casually hunted humans begin to starve.

Tom Woodford wakes up from a 13 year coma to find he’s the only living human, surrounded by plague-tainted monsters and ravenous predators who’ve been without a proper feeding for years. As if being the last decent meal around isn’t bad enough, he’s soon caught in a power struggle between ambitious leaders of rival factions who believe his blood holds the key to saving them all.

Facing grim threats from every side, Tom must find a way to play the vampires against each other in order to stand on his own in a world where he’s the only one without fangs.

If you’d like hear more about Famine, contact me (jason@jasonarust.com) for additional information.

3 thoughts on “Famine

  1. It’s like a mix between The Running Man/Hunger Games/Vampires/Awesome – I’d take your pitch if I was an editor or publisher!


    1. I hadn’t thought of it that way. That’s actually a really awesome way to describe it! Keep your fingers crossed that sometime soon someone feels the same way about it you do. 🙂


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