I’ve sat though worse, for less compelling reasons

I’m afraid tonight’s new content is going to be lacking, and not nearly enough to qualify as a daily entry as set forth by The Challenge. It’s getting late, I’m tired from a very fun, very entertaining weekend with my boys, and it’s always a stretch to be able to generate something of value after skating in the weekly Sunday Night hockey game. Beyond that, not only am I plum tuckered out and considering an early bedtime, I have an assignment from the Puddinpop for the night.

Apparently, I have to watch Twilight. Do I really want to watch Twilight? No, not at all. Obviously I didn’t see it in a theater during its initial release. For one reason, I haven’t read the books, because I’m just not sure that series my cup of tea. I did read The Host, and enjoyed it quite a bit; Stephanie Meyer is a very talented author. The Host, though, was a character-driven novel in a sci-fi setting, and that’s right in my sweet spot. Honestly, the world could, in my opinion, definitely use more science fiction works with great characterization. I’m always looking for that kind of thing. Most sci-fi work is big on the aliens, warp speed, and ray guns, and equally heavy on the Buck Rogers cardboard cutout hero. In general, I have no use for that.

Another reason I haven’t seen it is because going to see a movie isn’t cheap nowadays. I took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon yesterday, but had to stop and sell one of my kidneys to a guy named “Badger” first. He’s still scheduling the extraction.

Yet another reason: as the Puddinette wouldn’t have been interested, I’d have been seeing it alone had I opted to catch it at the movies. Granted, I typically like going to see movies alone. I have no problem being the guy seeing something without a buddy. I’ve never understood that anyway. You shouldn’t talk during a film, so what’s so great about having someone see it with you? At any rate, the bottom line on the issue is that a 37 year old man shouldn’t see a movie aimed at middle-school girls by himself. Going to see a movie, alone, whose primary target demographic is the squealing 13th year-old girl all hopped on how cute and broody the main vampire seems is pretty much a first class ticket right past the front gate of Perverted Middle-Aged Dude Manor.

Being in a theater and having fellow movie-goers give you that “what’s up, freak” look doesn’t really bother me. Being in a theater and getting the “what’s up, perv” look is far less desirable.

So, no, no Twilight for me. I further decided that when Twilight became available on DVD that I wasn’t going to waste my cash or time on that either. Sure, I typically dig vampire movies, but this thing looked pretty much a high school prom full of the blood thirsty. Proms don’t entertain me much anymore, so I decided to pass. Maybe someday, I thought, if I read the books, I’ll make the effort.

Friday, though, my Twilight outlook changed. The Puddinpop said a number of his classmates have apparently seen it and wanted to know if he could watch it too. I informed him that it had kissing, expecting that would be enough to squelch his interest. It was not; it seems he really is 7 going-on 14. So, here I am, at 11:00 PM on a Sunday night, planning to screen Twilight solely because I feel like I need to have a good answer for whether or not it’s an OK movie for my first grader.

The things we do, indeed.

Well, at least it turned into a full-blown daily post. So I got that going for me, which is nice.


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