It’s so bedtime

I’m very tired, but so committed, or rather, dedicated, to my puddiny duties that even though it’s currently 1:15 AM, I refuse to call it a night until completing my required assignment.

I played hockey at 10 pm, which means I didn’t get home until almost midnight. We won, though, which was cool. My team has taken on quite a few new players this session, which typically means there’s going to be a “breaking in” period before we’re comfortable playing as a team. So, putting a mark in the ‘W’ column tonight was both very cool and also a bit surprising. Luckily, all of the new guys really seem to fit in with the team concept we’ve engineered, which basically means that they’re cool with poking fun at each other, making way off-color jokes in the locker room, and a receiving a mostly derogatory nickname to be worn with love.

Team chemistry is obviously of the utmost concern for us. If you have, you know, feelings, don’t really understand sarcasm, or would prefer to treat those around you with respect and to be treated likewise, well, you’re probably not Black Team material. As I said, though, luckily the new guys seem the type to enjoy a good limerick now and again. “There was a young lass from Nantucket….”

None of that, of course, changes the fact that a) it’s late, b) I’m all tired and worn out, and c) I can already feel the soreness and stiffness setting in (and yes, those are two different things). So, I would expect a brief and largely ramblingly pointless post tonight.

It was, at least, a beautiful day. That reminds me, I am beginning to get a little concerned about the upcoming summer. Spring, thus far, has largely been sunny and warm, by which I mean, frequently over 70 degrees. For the record, I consider 70 degrees perfect. I abhor being hot and have recently come to dislike the wintery cold very much as well. So, I for one totally appreciate the number of 70-or-so-ish days we have been having around here lately. However, I shudder to think about August. It’s already plenty warm, which makes me fear the Dog Days that will be upon us before too long. If we continue to ride the thermometer above the average, I’m going be downright pitiful in the deep summer months.

Luckily, beer helps with this, as well as with many other of life’s ills.

And, yes, I did just talk about the weather for 100 or so words. It’s called filler, and it really works!


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