QIWAT: Why must there be cream cheese in everything?

The lovely and a talented Puddinette made a very tasty meal for dinner tonight, bending our hard working slow cooker to her indomitable will in the rending of a marvelous mexi-meatloaf. I’m not sure exactly where she came up with the recipe for it, nor do I know how she managed to produce it in a crock pot – a vessel that in my experience is useful only in the creation of soups, stews, and chili. The word on the street is that she’s found some clandestine website that suggests you can use the thing daily for a full year and never repeat a meal. I’m not sure I’m buying into all that, but I will readily admit that she definitely has some phat skillz when it comes to thing. That’s an entirely different post, though.

Anyway, so she made a mexi-meatloaf, and it was flat yummy. To accompany it, she made mexicorn and some “Mexican” mashed potatoes.

Anyone else sensing a theme here?

It was all quite tasty, but there was one particular thing I could have done without. One of the key ingredients in the potatoes was, incredibly, cream cheese. Yes, the Mexican potatoes apparently called for cream cheese. Can anyone explain this to me? Because this is my 38th trip around the sun, and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen cream cheese commonly used as an ingredient in Mexican cuisine. And yes, I’ve eaten me some Mexican food. In fact, I’ve eaten Mexican food in San Antonio, in a little Mom and Pop restaurant owned and run by people not too terribly far removed from Mexico themselves. Guess what? No cream cheese.

The fact of the matter is that, somehow, Kraft has managed to find a way to squeeze a block of the stuff into just about every recipe concocted in the continental United States these days.

Mashed potatoes? Oh, yeah, they’re cream cheese-ready.

Dip? Well, duh, cream cheese it up!

Cincinnati Chili? Sure, we can slip a few ounces of it under there; everyone will love it!

Hey…you know what that salsa could use, buddy? How about a block of Philly?

Cheesecake? Oh….well, wait, that was a bad example.

Really, though, do we need it in spaghetti sauce? I think not. And here’s a recipe for New York Strip with Garlic Cream Cheese Sauce. That’s just an affront to cattle everywhere. And don’t get me started on using it to stuff things.

Look, I understand that for some reason people dig the creamy tanginess, even if I don’t get it myself. Yes, I will admit to occasionally indulging in a piece of cheesecake, and a nice cheese Danish is sometimes good for the soul (if not the ole ticker). But we don’t need to find a way to hide it with everything we eat. Sometimes, the mashed potatoes should just be mashed potatoes, and the Mexican food only needs a cover of enchilada sauce.

Oh, and the brownies; they don’t need no cream cheese. Seriously, I mean it. Don’t mess with the brownies.