The weekend in review

I wasn’t sure it could be done. I was afraid it would take days and days, eventually stretching out into weeks and weeks. No, I’m not talking about either the average length of a World Cup match or the amount of time it’s taking BP to stick its proverbial thumb into a hole in the ground spewing crude oil. Instead, I’m referring to something that, to most people, seems way more complicated than capping a stationary wellhead. I just rebuilt and reconfigured my web, email, and database server in roughly 36 hours.

Oh, yeah, and a decent portion of yesterday was spent in Louisville. So, take that BP!

At any rate, I welcome you, faithful reader, to my brand new server. Doesn’t seem much different, does it? Don’t worry, that’s intentional. I wouldn’t want to go freaking people out with a bunch of change and nonsense. Hopefully, though, it’ll be a smidge faster and a whole lot more reliable.

So, that’s where most of my weekend went. We did go to the pool Friday night for a while, but otherwise it was big fun out of town, working on my shiny new (old) toy, and watching the kids.

In exciting other news, the US tied England in Saturday’s World Cup match, which seems somewhat miraculous to me. I mean, we’re supposed to be a bad soccer country, right? And don’t the condemn players who screw up over there to a lifetime of watching The Nanny?. Also, apparently the new Karate Kid knocked the A-Team out of first place at the box office.

I’m a little taken aback by the fact that a remake of the Karate Kid, starring Will Smith, Jr and Jackie Chan (of all people) gave the beat down to a remake of the A-Team. It’s ironic, actually, that I’m not pleased about it, because, of the two, I was a much bigger fan of the Karate Kid back in the day. Sure, I was all about the falsely-accused team of cool Special Forces dudes (without whom there would never have been a McGuyver), but that didn’t hold a candle to a story of the New Kid in Town learning karate by washing cars and painting fences (oh yeah, and he gets the pretty girl in the sweater too). Sure, it might have had something to do with my social arrangements at the time, but for me, Mr. Miyagi kicked way more ass. Also, most of the guiding philosophies of my life came out of that movie.

Don’t judge.

So they remade it with a 12-year kid who probably has a nicer car than I do, and Jackie Chan. I’ll admit that I’m all for some good Jackie Chan action, but he just doesn’t have the Zen for me. Also, does it irk anyone else that the movie is titled “The Karate Kid”, but it’s all about Kung-Fu? Seriously, I know I’m like the King of Nerds, but they really aren’t the same thing, at all. It’s like making a movie called “The All-American Football Dude” that’s about a baseball team in Hackensack.

Also, True Blood premieres tonight. True Blood’s about vampires. Vampires are universally cool. But that’s another post.

Anyway, welcome to the new, slightly-improved



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  1. The Karate Kid was a very entertaining movie for me and my son found it to be “the best movie ever”


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