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Nothing fun or exceptionally rant-tastic tonight, but a few of quickies:

  1. Rocky, our intrepid squirrel, was hanging, head-down, again from our tree this morning. I caught the Puddinette looking at tazers online this evening. Mark my word, children, this will end poorly.
  2. I have this huge, bulbous, crimson-red zit on the side of my nose. I look like freaking Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, except the calendar says July, I’m not a reindeer, I don’t fly, and I don’t do Santa’s bidding. Last time I checked, I’m also not a teenager. In fact, I’m not even in my twenties anymore. This business is NOT cool.
  3. I have not seen Eclipse yet, and no, I have no intention of spending good money to see it in a theater when I’m perfectly capable of waiting until it comes out on DVD. Sure, it may be a tween-girl movie, but it’ll look just as good as my decidedly mid-life dude big screen high-def TV. Which is good, actually, because I’m pretty sure that if I roll up into Eclipse without my wife (who just doesn’t do vampires of any kind), I’d be escorted out by police and handed to an angry mob wielding torches and pitchforks
  4. I wonder if the Ginormous Crimson Zit of Doom (see B) is some type of weird teen sympathetic reaction to all the ladies around the office all charged up to see Eclipse as soon as possible. I’ve even been subjected to quite the heavy Team Edward/Team Jacob debate all week. For the record, though, I’m for Team Alice. She’s all bubbly and pixie-like, and by my count is the one (1) character in the whole damn series that isn’t all broody, angst-ridden, and depressed most of the time. I’m thinking maybe all these people should maybe take a vacation away from Forks – the gloomy weather is clearly getting to most of them. They should consider taking a day off to play golf or hunt squirrels or bears or something.
  5. It’s going to be a busy weekend; the weekend of Independence Day usually is. Not long ago, it was my least favorite holiday weekend of the year, but the family and I have finally figured out a way to keep me from losing my mind. We consider that a good thing. At any rate, there may be bloggery this weekend, there may not. You have been warned

Keep the sparklers dry and the Roman candles away from guys in flip-flops, kids. And, Mom, we’ll make ice cream soon. Have a good holiday!


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