Either a brief vacation or a vacation brief

We got back yesterday from a quick weekend trip to Indianapolis where we visited the Indianapolis Zoo and the Children’s Museum. We stayed at the lovely Holiday Inn North, which includes Caribbean Cove on the premises, an indoor water park that kept the kids busy every moment we weren’t off picking up culture and stuff. I would have mentioned it a while ago because we were excited about the trip weeks ahead of time, but that would have violated Puddintopia Commandment #4, Thou shalt not mention trips away from home until after returning.

I’d love to give you whole list, but that’s another post.

At least now you know why I said bloggery might be inconsistent over the weekend. In all honesty, I did intend to keep up with both Puddintopia posts and continue work on the novel with the guy, but one of the things I learned on this brief jaunt is that when you put a family of six in a standard double hotel room, creative energies evaporate quickly. I personally believe the rollaway bed on which I “slept” sucked all the creativity right out of me (stupid pores), but modern science lacks the tools to prove it.

Also, my laptop sucks for writing. It’s approximately the same size and weight as a 1962 Studebaker. For some reason, it’s difficult to conjure make believe when you’re legs are lacking circulation. I believe the term “laptop” might be a misnomer.

Pathetic excuses aside, notable events from our trip include:

  • The Children’s Museum currently has a Barbie fashion exhibit. The Puddinette was gleeful beyond description. Oh, and I guess my daughter was happy too. My wife’s facebook profile picture and laptop wallpaper have been updated accordingly.
  • Within five minutes of entering the water park at the hotel, I found myself lifting a small, flailing child out of water well over his head. I’m guessing he was about 3 years old, and I’m not entirely sure what possessed the little guy to jump into water much too deep for him or why his mother (?) didn’t seem to notice until it was already too late. What I do know is that neither the lady nor the hotel staff had the common courtesy to thank me for pulling little Tommy out of the water for them; Seriously, I’m not much in it for the glory, but a “Thanks, Dude” would have been nice. Also, for anyone keeping score at home, this makes the count of times I’ve successfully responded to potentially life-threatening situations to four (4): two Heimlich maneuvers, two kids-in-too-deep-water. It’s nice to know that when it hits the fan, I don’t panic until after the fact. So I guess you can probably trust me to watch your dog for the weekend.
  • Trying to get a twenty month-old child prematurely demonstrating signs of terrible two-ness to sleep in a pack-and-play in a hotel room is about as easy as catching an oiled pig, covering him in tar, squeezing him into a diving suit and directing him to go snorkeling for pearls. Sure, I guess it can be done, but only if he wants to go along with it, and trust me, both the pig and The Attitude would rather watch Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD.
  • Finding a six-pack of craft beer in Indianapolis is more easily achieved if you skip the liquor stores in the ghetto.
  • You know you’ve done your job in wearing the kids out when, after telling them it’s time to leave the water park and head home, they say nothing more than, “Okay”, and proceed to get dressed and climb into the Family Truckster without a word of argument.

It was a fun trip and a great weekend. Now I just wish I had a weekend to unwind from my vacation.


2 thoughts on “Either a brief vacation or a vacation brief

  1. Love the “life saving comments”. The thing about conducting your life without an overabundance of drama and emotion causes that to happen all too frequently. Sorry about your luck! Throwing up your arms in panic and running away would probably prevent that but…

    Glad you guys had a good time.


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