Wednesday’s Child is a haiku

I am abuzz with various other tasks today, kiddies and kiddettes, and as such will be offering you little meaty goodness upon which to chew. In lieu of something witty and original, then, please allow me to suggest reviewing one of the more winterythemedposts from earlier this year. It’s steamin’ hot out, as PuddinPop: The Sequel would say. Hopefully those will conjure images of snowmen and chilliness for you.

If not, I recommend either a Hawaiian Ice or a trip to Graeter’s.

But, Wait! That’s not all for today! There’s more!

I would like to point out a couple of notable items. Please take a look just to the right of where your eyes are staring at this very moment.

I have removed the Word of the Week feature from Puddintopia and replaced it with something new, yet old: the Mundane Haiku. What, exactly, is a mundane haiku, you ask? Well, a haiku itself is defined as, “a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons.” Since our haikus will be specifically on the subject of the mundane, that is, the day to day life of the Family Puddin, you can expect to see less in the way of “evocative allusions and comparisons”, and more along the lines of “complaining about poopy diapers and the difficulties of teaching children manners.”

Oh, and when I say it’s “something new, yet old”, I mean that the Mundane Haiku was included in a former incarnation of Puddintopia. In fact, it was a bona fida fan favorite! Of course, the only Puddintopia fan at the time was my mother, but she said she really, really liked it. I’m guessing she didn’t like it quite as much two years later, though, when the same haiku was sitting there, forgotten, just collecting internet dustiness, but that’s beside the point.

Also, the Word of the Week wasn’t being updated anywhere even close to weekly. So…it’s been sacked.

One more thing to point out while you’re looking to the right: check out the Novel Progress meter. For one thing, I’ve given the project a tentative title, Famine. So, you know, yay. Also, note the creeping progress! I just crested 20k words, which means I’ve passed the 20% mark (estimated). Huzzah for arbitrary milestones. When I reach 50k words, there will be dancing, and potentially a Double Bastard.

From the random concepts department, I was thinking we should do some movie reviews up in here because most modern movie reviews tend to look for the wrong stuff in a motion picture. Primarily, I want to know if a movie is entertaining. Sure, a reasonable plot is occasionally important, decent acting might be worth considering, and perhaps some artsy tendencies are sometimes okay. But mostly, I want a movie graded on whether my family and/or I will I enjoy it for $10. Also, I don’t believe I’m the only one in the world with ideas on whether or not a movie’s worth watching. I’d like some external opinions, if they’re out there. So, for this theoretically new Puddintopia feature, I will be happy to consider guest entries. Would you like to write a movie review? Do you have a passing understanding of the Puddintopian English? If so, step up to the plate; I look forward to publishing your nonsense with my own.

In other news, Rocky, the Infamous Birdseed Hoarding Squirrel apparently got tired of hanging upside down to pilfer food. He completely knocked the feeder to the ground while we were away, where I can only assume he dined at his leisure. The Puddinette looked me square in the eye yesterday evening, and without so much as a twitch of a smile said, “Oh, it’s ON now. This is war.”

I’ve been where you’re now standing Rocky; Godspeed, squirrel, Godspeed.


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