Does Shaggy do yard work for Scooby Snacks?

There shall be no rest for the wicked, they say. Well, actually, I’m not sure who the ubiquitous they are, but the Puddinette tells me that at least twice a week, shortly after politely yet ardently suggesting that I get off my lazy backside and do something about the Ever Growing List of Household Tasks. As I’ve made clear once or twice, I am not typically given to concerning myself excessively about the length or contents or my theoretical To-Do List.

Let’s face it, though, if I didn’t have the Puddinette to keep me generally applied to the straight and narrow, I would probably end up one of those embarrassing people on some HGTV show that viewers watched only so they could say to themselves, “Thank God I’m not like that poor bastard.” I’d likely be living in a pig-sty of my own creation, surrounded by mostly empty pizza boxes, water damage, several uncategorized species of mold, and enough dust to require some form of biohazard apparatus.

I should probably count my lucky stars that she decided to marry me.

Anyway, today was a no rest kind of day. I was awoken with rather little ceremony by The Attitude at 7:45. I know I shouldn’t complain about that because many people would give their left arm and part of a kidney for a kid to sleep that late. But my kids, knock on wood, have always been rather late sleepers. The ‘Tude rarely rattles his cage before 8:30, and we often wake him up when we go in to get him. So the early wake-up call was not neither expected nor much appreciated.

After the usual Saturday morning hijinks (breakfasts, room cleaning, etc), the older two boys and I left for their first Learn to Ice Skate lesson. They had a load of fun, but I cannot believe how resilient and dedicated kids can be when they put their minds to something. Both boys must have fallen violently crashed to the ice a hundred times. Hands, elbows, knees, bottoms, they all took a horrific beating for 60 minutes; yet neither wanted to leave when the time was up. You have to hand it to them. If it had taken me that long to figure out how to keep my center of gravity over my skates, I’d be in a bowling league at this point.

After we got home and had lunch, the Puddinette took the kids to a movie at the library (we have a really impressive library system, btw). And I pulled on the yard gloves for some work. When The Tree Guy was finished, we were left with quite a collection of twigs and various stick parts that needed removal. Today, I succumbed to the peer pressure and clean it all up (read: the Puddinette threatened to hurt me). I thought it a pretty decent topic for poetic complaint. In the end, though, I was happy with the effort. Now I just need to drop some mulch and get some ceramic toads.

As a reward, my wife allowed me to purchase some of this stuff to use with my Magic Popcorn Pan. I am giddy, because it’s purported to make home popcorn as if from a movie theater. Granted, my freakish love of movie popcorn is a completely different post, but my child-like anticipation is probably dangerously close to annoying.

Oh well, at least some stuff got done before I became uselessly entranced by a snack. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have popcorn to make.


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  2. I must admit my love of yardwork has not increased over the years. Without my significant other, we would no doubt live in a tangled thicket. Speaking of thickets, my neighbor took down the fence leaving my thicket even more exposed than ever. What comes now is not likely to be pretty:)


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