The Tuesday Night Quickie


No, that wasn’t my nickname in college. You people ought to be ashamed. The title of tonight’s short missive is intended to indicate that I have little time for rambling this evening as I am hoping to put many, many fine words into my little novel tonight. Also, I have stuff DVR’d I’d like to see before a second episode is DVR’d this week. So, in the name of progress, I give you brevity.

Please note that the count of words in the novel continues to grow slowly. At this rate, the thing should be finished just about the time they strap me into adult diapers and start spoon feeding me thickened liquids. Well, maybe not quite that long. Somehow, I hope to finish it nearish the end of summer. We’ll see. Whatever happens, as long as I type “The End” before New Year’s, I’ll be proud of myself. I do need to mention that I’m getting a tad concerned that 100k words might be an estimate on the low side. Last night, I started with a sentence like “A man walked into a haberdashery, turned on the lights, and looked around,” intending to add detail to it, to flesh it out. Six hundred and seventy-five words later, I was ready to move on. Yes, that’s right, 675 words for a haberdashery and a light switch. I fear there may be editorial work ahead. But then, that’s putting the cart about 2 miles ahead of the horse and knee-capping the poor thing, Nancy Kerrigan-style, so it doesn’t catch up.

Wow. That was terrible. I am a terrible person. We should probably start taking donations to get me into some kind of celebrity sensitivity rehab. I’ve got a largely unknown website; that makes me a celebrity, right?

Moving along…the nice DirecTV man came today and replaced two of our satellite boxes as both were no longer functioning in even a marginal sense of the word. One of them was doing this sad kind of electric snap-click whenever you plugged it in, but it made absolutely no effort to start. The other would kinda, sorta attempt to go, but immediately throw “Startup In Progress….” onto the screen and then keep it there. For days. The Puddinette was sad; she loved her DirecTV-Tivo box. We’d had it since 2002. In fact, if you asked her which was more important to her daily happiness, me or it…well, she’d have to think about it, and the Vegas odds on me are pretty long. She’s struggling to adapt to the new guide and system software, and I suspect there will be some frustration over things in the coming few weeks. Change can be good, but it takes patience. Nobody likes being patient when Big Brother is on.

Did I say brief?


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