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A Pitiful Excuse!

Dearest Internet Friends,

Thank you so for very much for rewarding me with your highly valuable Facebook ‘Like’. Honestly, when I posted the suggestion for Puddintopia on FB this morning, I figured I’d be lucky to get my parents and maybe my wife to become fans.

I got a lot more than I guessed. Although oddly enough, not my mother. I’m going to tell myself it’s because she didn’t get online today, not because she’s embarrassed that I might use the word fart in a post.

Oops, see, there I did it.

Mom, I’m kidding. I know you weren’t online today, it’s OK. You don’t need to call and apologize. It’s cool. And yes, I’m wearing clean underwear, although this isn’t the time to discuss it.

Anyway, because I’m terrible person and wholly undeserving of your online patronage, I haven’t got the time, energy, or creativity for a decent post tonight. I just wrote 1700 (!) words for the novel, which brings the count to roughly 25%! (And there was much rejoicing)

I promise to give you something more fun and entertaining tomorrow. For now, the best I can do is say thank you for liking my foolishness enough to want to see it in your News Feed.

Thank You. Really.

I’ll do better tomorrow.


One comment on “A Pitiful Excuse!

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