Three years ago today, I went a little crazy. And I think I rather like it

Three years.  36 months. 1096 Days.  That’s how long it’s been since I finally returned to the blog I began in 2002 and mostly ignored until 2010.  That’s how long it’s been since I decided that I was going to either prove I could be a writer, or I was going to shut the hell […]

Breaking the rules while NOT talking about running or candy

It came as something as a hefty surprise when I checked my blog stats today, that I wasn’t met with the Great Zero-Visit Flatline of No One’s Looking.  I say that not because I truly expected not have any visitors, but in going over the past couple of week’s worth of posts, it seems I’ve […]

Saturday Debate: The Family Road Trip

Sorry about the week of weak photography here about these parts. In case you didn’t put 12 and 19 together to come up with thirtysomething, I was mostly checked out the past few days. The Puddinette and I strapped the puddinlings into ye olde family truckster and hit the highways and byways of our great […]

The Beach Trip (an update), with bonus movie triviality

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org After reading today’s earlier post, in which I declared my beach-trip maidenhood, the Puddinette was quick to make one key editorial suggestion.  See, while it’s certainly true that I’ve never been on a vacation dedicated to spending most of one’s time on a beach, that’s not to say I haven’t ever […]

You made my list; did I make yours?

Not much time for rambling a post today, I’m afraid.  Busy, busy, busy.  ‘Tis the Season and all that.  Busier this evening still, so instead of entertaining you with words of wit and wisdom, allow me take this opportunity to present your very own 2011 Puddintopia Holiday Card! Feel free to print it out, tack […]

Sometimes you gotta test stuff

This is basically just a quick post to test changes I made to the RSS feed for Puddintopia. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, it’s no biggie. In a nutshell, I needed a way to track readers who use RSS. If my understanding is correct, it should all be kinda transparent to […]

Flight Haiku

Since I have nothing interesting to write about today, I figured I’d post a haiku.  I wrote it Wednesday on a plane (can you tell?) on the way home from Chicago. Given the flight’s length, a haiku was just about all I had time to write. Anyway, I’m entertained that is as close to a […]

3-Way Thursday: Chili with a side of curmudgeon

[Pudn’s note: I’ve known the author of this 3-Way post, Brooksy, aka Mark, for the better part of almost twenty years.  I worked at the retail chain that Dustin Hoffman said sucked in Rainman; Mark dated (and later married) someone who was close friends with someone else who worked there.  Come to think of it, I don’t really […]

3-Way Thursday: It was the 60’s, man

[Pudn’s note: The author of this Puddintopia contributor post, Crankybear, aka Tom, is actually the ‘Tom’ half of Tom and Carla, the couple that created and maintain Hoperatives.com.  He’s the one who rather infamously offered me the chance to ramble incoherently over there from time to time instead of wasting all my rants here.  I […]

3-Way Thursday: Salty Delivery

All I can really say is salty! Or salzig, as I was writing this post while drinking a Bohemian Pilsner beer at Hofbrauhaus Newport and had access to German friends. I know that isn’t the correct usage or grammar, but I learned a new word. So with our new German word, salzig, let’s take a […]