Breaking the rules while NOT talking about running or candy

It came as something as a hefty surprise when I checked my blog stats today, that I wasn’t met with the Great Zero-Visit Flatline of No One’s Looking.  I say that not because I truly expected not have any visitors, but in going over the past couple of week’s worth of posts, it seems I’ve been obsessing over candy-coated chocolates and running, which go together thematically about as well as seeing Winston Churchill and Kim Kardashian together on a blind date at Denny’s.

But I suppose if Puddintopia is consistently anything, it’s that you never know what you’re going to get, nor how long I’ll continue rambling on about it like a big, slobbery chewing on an old holey shoe.  In that respect, it’s like the anti-theme blog, which is to say there’s usually no particular theme, excepting for the rare occasions when I do Get Stuck On A Topic; at which point I don’t so much drive it into the ground as I keep working at it until I’ve got a complete tunnel – with rest areas – straight to the fiery, molten core of the Earth.

I’m pretty sure my approach violates,  like, Sacred Golden Rule of Blogging #1, but then I’m pretty sure I make a regular habit of breaking all the Sacred Golden Rules of Blogging.  And as we’re all well aware, if you’re going to break the rules, you might as well do a complete and thorough job of it.

What’s my point? Wait…I’m supposed to have a point? Who said anything about having a point.

Just kidding.  But since I’m apparently determined to be all “meta” today by blogging about the blog (which is also probably verboten as per The Rules),  this is as good a time as any to mention that yes, Puddintopia will staying “Puddintopia”, at least mostly.  I must admit that when posting the “What’s in a name” Weekend Debate, I was pretty much expecting the “Egad, that’s awful” option to carry the poll unanimously.  As it turns out, though, the results were categorically the opposite.  So apparently, it’s not the stupidest name ever for a blog.


(you knew there was a but coming, right?)

That is not to suggest that things will be staying the same around here.  Indeed, no.  Changes, they are afoot (incidentally, I always thought “Changes are a Hand” would be a sweet band name).  Retaining Puddintopia might be important in the whole having a sweet, unique online representative home thing, but if I want gain readers – and let’s be honest, part of the whole writing deal is tricking compelling others to read your nonsensical musings on the various colors of sno-cone toppings – it’s pretty important that googling me (I wish that was as fun as it sounds) doesn’t lead to either this guy, who’s apparently an Edinburgh politician (yes, in Scotland), or the handful of the other people with my name.

Thus, be on the lookout for changes and whatnot.

Also, for the record, I believe I’ve set a record in this post for use of parentheticals.  Apparently my mind is flittering about like a sugared-up toddler’s attention span today, i.e., having trouble staying on topic.

And with that little nugget of miraculous import, I believe I’m done for today.

For that, you’re all very welcome.


One thought on “Breaking the rules while NOT talking about running or candy

  1. Seeing WC and KK at Denny’s — kind of mind-blowing! LOL LOL LOL! Other observation re: breaking the rules — if you are going to do something, do it right!!!! That was always your grandfather’s line and as you know, I concur!!!!


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