Saturday Debate: The Family Road Trip

Sorry about the week of weak photography here about these parts. In case you didn’t put 12 and 19 together to come up with thirtysomething, I was mostly checked out the past few days. The Puddinette and I strapped the puddinlings into ye olde family truckster and hit the highways and byways of our great nation on the Great American Family Summer Vacation.

Much to everyone’s surprise, we all even returned alive.

And yes, of course there will be the obligatory post-trip wrap-up post, but this is not it. My brain is in no condition for that sort of thing yet. I’m still on “beach mode”, which means if you ask me a question, you’re more likely to get a Lebowski-esque “dude” answer than a useful one.

That’s just what the surf does to you, man. In a good way.

Anyway, the grand vacation post will come tomorrow. Tonight, however, I realize that I lapsed on this week’s Saturday Debate.

Obviously we can’t allow that sort of thing to stand.

Luckily, I have a debate topic on had!  We just spent two days driving home from South Carolina with an overnight stay in Knoxville, which included a few hours of seeing the sights in Tennessee today.

On paper, though, its an 11-hour drive. We could have done it in one day and stayed another night on the beach. Instead, we chose to take the leisurely route rather than subject ourselves and the other kids to living with three year-old vehicular mania.

It seemed the most humane thing to do.

So here’s the debate, then…what do you say when it comes to the family road trip, should it be step-by-step or band-aid style (all at once no matter how it hurts and just get it over with)? I like to take my time and enjoy myself, but im willing to admit the other way has benefits.

So here’s you’re shot, tell the world what you think.

Family Roadtrips: Slow and Steady or Drive Hard and Get ‘er Done?

And, yes, even with the day-late Saturday Debate, you get a poll!


One thought on “Saturday Debate: The Family Road Trip

  1. Remember the 1988 road trip??? We mosied our way thru Tennessee to Texas, with lots of historical sites in between (understatement here) but put the petel to the metal on the way back — but that was, if I remember right, a three week sojourn so we were ready to be home and our youngest was 9; so it just depends on circumstances and ages, I guess!!!! In your case, I think you made the right decision!!!


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