Another day in pictures

So, I’m still, you know, whatever, or lazy, something.  So, I figured why no continue the “Day in Pictures” theme?  I mean, it’s easy to take pictures that mostly no one will care about but me, and even easier to post them to a blog.  So, yeah, it’s money.


I thought this guy was pretty cool.  Way cooler than that lazy MGM lion that’s just been laying around and growling for more than half a century.  Come to think of it, I think I need a pair of these to flank my driveway.  Because nothing would say, “Welcome to La Casa de Puddin, enjoy your stay under our protection, but don’t touch the friggin’ silver” like the King of the Jungle standing guard in the suburbs.


A pair of towels and a child’s swim vest drying in the afternoon sun.  Which is a lot of words to simply say, “summer.”


Sir Feasts-in-the-corner just hopes the Queen will relent and let him out of the “Punishment Corner of Shame” before the pheasant course is served.  He always loved the pheasant most, and if he’d known Her Grace would have taken such umbrage at the remark about her knickers, he’d have thought twice about it.


It wouldn’t be a day-in-pictures without nachos.  And look, these haven’t been eaten yet!  Oh! Hai, tasty, tasty jalapenos!  Get in mah Belly!


Good work, jalapenos.  Top marks for following directions.  Cleary these nachos were terrible.  So terrible they could not be allowed to exist in a big pile.  Separating them—via consumption—seemed the only reasonable choice.


You can’t tell from the picture, but this statue of lady Liberty is a glass mosaic.  I couldn’t help but be a little struck by seeing liberty represented by something shiny, beautiful (shut up, it is NOT gawdy) and incredibly fragile.

And that’s enough picture-based nonsense for me.


One thought on “Another day in pictures

  1. 1. Oh good, Lion King in the driveway x 2! 2. Nuf said! 3. Time out, 15th century?? 4. & 5. I want some, but CLEARLY you didn’t save me any!! 6. I would LOVE to see this in person — it should remind us all that there are many meanings to and definitions of the word LIBERTY.


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