Extra crispy rambling with a side of ramblies

Because I went hog-wild last night with a post that was the online equivalent of War and Peace, and then tacked another 1500 words onto my fledgling novel, I figured maybe I’d take it easy on you tonight and try to keep the word count to a minimum. Especially since I don’t have a heart-warming family-related story to relate.

In other words, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about for Puddintopia this morning. I had a downright fabulous idea and the subsequent post was going to be all clever and funny and everything anyone could possibly want in a blog entry. But…then…somewhere between crossing the Ohio River and sitting down at my desk, I forgot what the hell I was going to go on and on about.

Why, yes, Virginia, it is irksome.

So, instead, tonight I give you….seemingly random unrelatedness!

First off, as most of you probably know, FaceWatch 2010 has begun! I claimed on Facebook last night that if the Puddintopia page there ever gets Liked by more than 100 people, I’ll start using a normal, full face profile picture. To date, I’ve mostly offered nothing but shots of my chin(s) and the back of my head, with a sprinkling of puddinlings every so often. So, you know, now is your chance to make me do something I don’t want to do.

Next, please take note of the progress for Famine, my novel-in-progress. I passed 30k words last night, which obviously resulted in a rendition of the happy-happy-joy-joy dance. Honestly, I’m beginning to believe the thing has a life of its own. My hope is to finish it by Halloween at the latest and get started right away with the incredibly long, painful process of having it rejected by publishers. Speaking of, if anyone knows any agents or publishing contacts that can be plied with beverages, please let me know!

I thought I’d wrap up tonight with a quick, bonus submission of Questions I Want Answers To: Why is the air conditioning in my car incapable of efficiently cooling things in there once the mercury hits 95? I had that thing blowing at full strength for the duration of my work commutings today, and at no point did it ever make me feel cool enough to turn the blower down from its “stupid high” setting. Seriously, it’s 2010. I shouldn’t have to position my arms towards the vents just right (and you all know what I mean) to allow the high speed air to rush up the sleeves of my shirt when the A/C has already been running for 25 minutes. Yes, of course I realize that it’s extra hot which means the whole system has to work extra just to keep up. But seriously, we have the technology to make videogames systems that can see us. We all own tiny hand-held computers that have 7 gojillion times the processing power of the first “PC” I ever used (God bless the Apple IIe), make phone calls from nearly anywhere, can take pictures and record full motion video, and will even allow me to facebook stalk someone while on-the-go. Really, we can do all that, but I have to sweat with A/C on while driving home for work?

No one should have to feel like a freshly glazed donut when they walk in their house just because they’ve been driving for twenty-five minutes. Then again, perhaps my expectations are unreasonable.