Combos and Caffeine, Breakfast of Champions!

I had a fairly solid day today. I was productive to the point of finally solving a problem that’s been vexing me for weeks. Also, I finished today’s assigned tasks slightly ahead of schedule, giving me a whisper of an opportunity to get every-so-slightly ahead for once. And as a bonus, I coined a phrase in last night’s post that I believe might find its way into common use in the professional’s vocabulary.

By the way, feel free, faithful reader, to use the phrase “Work Medusa” in your everyday life. It’d be cool to hear someone say it to me, years from now, when I’m old and forgotten. Like in 2012.

Tempering all this joy, however, is the knowledge that tomorrow brings with it the dreaded Customer Visit. I get to drive for three hours in the morning to the middle of nowhere to install some new stuff. In and of itself, that doesn’t bother me too terribly; after all, it gives me the opportunity to have some tasty, salty Combos for breakfast.

Yes, I dig me some breakfast Combos when I’m on the road to strange places in the morning hours. I don’t judge you, do I?

Unfortunately, tomorrow’s drive begins from my workplace at 7:00 AM sharp. For those of you unfamiliar with my lifestyle tendencies, allow me to explain this as simply as possible: I enjoy the morning hours about as much as seals enjoy a visit from the friendly neighborhood Great White. As a rule, I tend toward the nocturnal, which is a fact that most of the sane people around me find somewhat logic-defying. Honestly, I’ve lost count of the number of times the Puddinette has told me I need to start getting to bed earlier. The poor girl keeps trying, but I’m afraid she’ll never make much progress on that front. The fact is that I’ve done some of my best work at 3 AM, still awake from the day before. At 7 AM, though, well, my brain, it just don’t work so good.

If you don’t believe me, I invite you to go back and count the number of posts I’ve made in the morning hours. A big goose-egg, right? That’s not so many, huh?

Customer visits, unfortunately, especially those hours away, make morning activity obligatory, since I’d like to be home tomorrow night before 10 PM. That means getting an early start. Nobody likes an early start. Coffee, then, is going to be imperative. Altiora Coffee makes my favorite Americano, dark as my soul and nearly as bitter. Unfortunately, it’s a tad out of my way. In lieu of that, I’d be happy to grab me some Starbuck’s, but there just isn’t one anywhere easily reached.

Yes, I know, that’s crazy talk. Everyone has a Starbuck’s within a stone’s throw, right? Not quite. Although there are over 16,000 Starbuck’s locations, not a single one of them lies along my daily commute. Most people can’t walk three city blocks without running into at least two franchises and one cart vendor with that familiar green logo. Somehow, though, the 12.5 mile stretch I drive everyday between my home and office is the only Starbuck’s vacuum in the northern hemisphere.

So tomorrow morning I will probably make do with something a little disappointing: an Americano that has neither the right
espresso flavor, nor quite the desired kick. Oh well, I suppose the Puddinette’s been putting up with disappointment for nearly 10 years now. I guess I can manage for a morning.

At least I’ll have my breakfast Combos.


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