Sleepiness brings an acute a case of the randoms

If you’ve seen Mundane Haiku #8, then you should have a pretty good idea of what I was doing last night instead of writing.

As a result, today was full of the (capital T) Tiredness. Yes, that’s me, with the being tired. All tuckered out. Sleepy even. I’m not talking the usual bone-deep fatigue that I get after playing an 11 PM hockey game, which hinders falling asleep until about 2 in the morning because I’m all jacked with the sports-related adrenaline. Instead, this is the kind of concentration sapping tired where you find yourself staring, all slack-jawed and drooly, at an illustration of Cookie Monster from one of your toddler’s board books. The kind of thing where you snap back to the real world, but can’t recall how long you’ve semi-catatonic and think the fuzzy blue guy might have been telling you to bake a batch of chocolate chips.

Or, maybe that was the kids asking for cookies.

I just realized that minus the part about the kids, the description of today’s brain-numbness is also a pretty accurate depiction of a hazy college dorm room a few hours before daylight on a Saturday morning.

See? I told you: randomness.

Being tired seems to completely rob my brain of the ability to process information analytically, while triggering weird, creative stuff. So, problem solving? Not so much. But the odds are good that after seeing a soccer mom in the mini-van beside me in traffic, I’ll instantly concoct some ludicrous back story about her being a lethal spy for the Egyptian government that goes by the codename “Granny Smith” and has a glass eye that’s a multi-purpose weapon and antibacterial gel dispenser.

Yes. Well. Ahem.

Like I said, though, the problem solving is hard when I can’t think clearly. So, tiredness is so good for creativity, not so good for doing other important things, like accomplishing stuff at work.

Luckily, I stuck with it and managed to figure a few things out today anyway. Coffee, it turns out, is exceptional at cutting through brain-fog. It’s an indispensable assistant when logic is required. That’s especially true of what I drink, an iced concoction that’s four shots of espresso and a few meager tablespoons water. It’ll clear out the cobwebs and put hair on your chest all at the same time.

All things considered, I don’t mind the occasional fuzzy-brain too much, except of course, what I said about work. Still, it’s good to have days where one’s imagination rules the roost. It’s something that, starting with puberty, most of us tend to shy away from and rarely return to later. That’s why I’m ecstatic to have written so much this year. I’m letting my mind wander about untethered and feeling very much like a kid again.

Which brings me to tonight’s assignment. It occurred to me that I’ve written no fiction for Puddintopia since I stopped posting updates for Thom (who’s become Tom, by the way, but that’s another post). This needs to be remedied! Therefore, I’d like to do something fiction-y this weekend. I want help, though. Since I’ve managed somehow to build a group of regular readers, I’d like to give you a chance to mess with me.

I want ten words. Nouns or verbs only, please, no adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, etc. Give me ten words, and I’ll try to weave them into something hopefully not craptastic. So be one of the first 10 people to post a single noun or verb in a comment below (and yes, anonymously is fine if you fear the Government Watchers) and I’ll use your word in the piece, as long as it has a common, accepted definition. Sorry, no Seuss words, this time.

The comments are open. Get your words in now!

I’m must be exhausted to try something this foolish.

Wait, was I saying something?


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