We haz guestz

I apologize for not keeping to the more regular posting schedule. We have guests this holiday weekend, and are busy busy busy having fun and stuff. For one, my best friend from back when I was still a nerdy teenager is in town. I’m a nerdy middle-ager now, but with good friends, it’s always like nothing changes.

In addition, we have another visitor who’s staying with us this weekend. This is Ginger:

We’re keeping her on a trial basis to see if she’s right for us, if we’re right for her, and if we’re ready to add a dog to the family. Isn’t she cute?

Most postage later, I promises.


3 thoughts on “We haz guestz

  1. Oh my gosh..she looks just like our dog. We have had our dog almost a year now and love her so much. I’m guessing Ginger is or has chocolate lab in her. She looks adorable. I hope it is a good fit for all. Dogs are ALOT of work and there are times when I want to send ours packing but we love her so much and can’t imagine life without her so she always ends up staying. Keep us posted. Good luck!


  2. She is a chocolate lab/beagle mix. She’s great…it’s just that I am not used to having a dog anymore and I don’t know if I can get used to it again! Having a fenced in yard would make it much easier so we are definitely going to have to move forward with that if she stays!


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