Author’s Note: Holly’s Day

It took me a week longer than I expected, but I finished and posted the first piece of 10-word fiction yesterday. The result is here. It’s probably not my favorite piece of work, but I’m relatively happy with it. Like everything else, I think it has strong points and weaker one.

It was fun borrowing ten words and trying to fit them into the story in a useful way. I wanted them to be more than just throw away words added to say I used them. In most cases, I think I succeeded. A couple of them could be better used, of course, but then stuff like this is for practice, after all.

I’m not sure I’m as happy with the basic plot line. I feel like the characters are mostly “real” people, but the overall tone seems really dark, especially at the beginning. The original idea was to write something more fun, and this really isn’t, but that’s the way it worked out in my head. I’ll have to try for fun next time.

Oh, and I should warn you about the language. It’s a little harder than I usually use in a post. It kind of had to be. At least one of the characters just wouldn’t say things that Gomer Pyle, USMC would have approve of.

So, anyway, there you go. I enjoyed doing this and will definitely do it again. I hope someone out there is entertained too.