Last Haiku…for now

Hockey game last night
a little bored of Haiku
need a new gimmick

2 comments on “Last Haiku…for now

  1. There once was a man, name of Puddin,
    He wrote like a lot of folks could’n.
    Haikus did get boring,
    His brain? Nearly snoring!
    So a beer blog did seek out to woo him.

    (Carla and I are still on the road and that’s always a tough time to set anything up, but I plan to throw you keys to the blog next week)


  2. Ironically, I actually was thinking earlier that the limerick was a vastly under-appreciated form of short poetry. Also, it rhymes with “gimmick”! I believe you may have made up my mind. I just need to be sure to avoid using “Nantucket” in them. My mother-in-law reads Puddintopia. 🙂

    I figured I would hear from you after your globe-trotting beer-ventures. I am very jealous, btw, and have been living vicariously through your respective twitter feeds. Thanks for taking time out on the road to shoot me a message, especially one as cool as the limerick; it’s great.

    We’ll talk soon. I look forward to borrowing the car when you get back!


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