Dude, that’s a bummer

Some days, a bunch of low-level crappy stuff hits the news, but none of it has a real direct impact on your life. Sure, it’s good that you don’t feel compelled to sit in a dark kitchen and debate whether your melancholy would go better with a pint of Haagen Daaz, a fifth of Jim Beam, or an evening of jammies and a 1990’s Meg Ryan movie. But then, you know that there are some people out there having a much harder go of it, and that’s just, well, a bummer.

I found out this afternoon that Blake Edwards, the Hollywood icon who brought us The Pink Panther and 10, and directed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, passed away. Granted, it’s not like I played Call of Duty with the man on Xbox Live nor have a collection of his complete works on the mantle next to a replica of his Honorary Oscar. Still, though, news like that is always a little a sad.

Later, twitter (yes, I tweet, but that’s another post) was aflame with the news that Yahoo! was shutting down del.icio.us. Honestly, by listening to the great wailings of online dismay, you’d have thought that the Galactic Empire had gone and destroyed Alderaan again*. Now, I’ll admit that I never really used del.icio.us, or even really understood what it was for. But it was hard not to see that plenty of people were using it for something, because it seems like 8 out of 10 webpages has a tiny button that links to it. Of course, having heard that the End Was Nigh, I finally did a little due diligence in exactly what del.icio.us does, or, well, did. Turns out it’s a bookmark aggregator, an online, centralized place to keep all you fancy webpage bookmarks.

Yep, that would have been a useful tool. So now I’m not sure whether I should be pissed at myself for not figuring out how great it might have been before now, or glad that I don’t have to suffer del.icio.us withdrawal since Yahoo! has gone all corporate shrinkage on it.

So, there, a couple of things tickled my empathy this afternoon. Nothing life changing, though; I didn’t’ figure I’d spend the evening crying in my beer. But then came news of something far more significant to me personally: Syfy** is cancelling Stargate: Universe.

Now, I realize that there probably aren’t too many people among my readers who watch SG:U, so I’ll not judge too harshly if you’re currently thinking I should maybe go whine to myself in a corner. But dammit, people, this was my favorite show. It was full of well-written drama, complete with characters that seemed like actual, terribly flawed people, but in a sci-fi setting. As an aficionado of science fiction shows, believe me when I tell you that good writing is simply not an everyday occurrence in the genre. Many such shows seem to be written by half-stoned hacks who figure that as long as you’ve got at least one blue alien, one chick with big knockers, and a lot of the bam-bam-bam and pew-pew-pew of space combat, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Look, I don’t always need the bam-bam-bam or the pew-pew-pew. I want characters that seem real and some genuine conflict (the interpersonal kind is a Bonus!) in a sci-fi setting that gives my imagination a place in which to roam about. I don’t want campiness and I don’t want old outer space storylines with a white-washing of shiny effects.

My previous favorite show, the modern remake of Battlestar Galactica provided exactly what I wanted, and when it concluded, the network wisely offered SG:U as an interesting new option. I was SO all about it.

But now it’s cancelled, and I have only 10 episodes left to enjoy.

Curse you Syfy, you’re dead to me now.

Oh, and your name is stupid too. You should have stuck with Sci-Fi.

There, I feel better now.

Looks like I need a new favorite show, though. Any suggestions?


*I was due a Star Wars reference. It’s been awhile.

**No link here because I’m mad as hell at Syfy and getting some tasty vengeance with a little good, old-fashioned passive-aggressiveness seems the thing to do!

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  1. I love sci-fi too, but I must admit I’m more into the vampire/werewolf/were-panther kind of thing! I read more books than watch the tube. Syfy has like grade b movies all the time and rarely anything worth really watching.I wish there was a channel that was all classic horror films, without all the teenage sex and gore!


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