A gift of marginal value, at best

I was totally planning to buy a pint for each and every person who’d read something I’d written throughout the course of this year either here at puddintopia.com or for Hoperatives.com as a Christmas gift.  But then the Puddinette, who is wise, pointed out that I don’t really make any money off of my half-mad ramblings and further informed me that I would not be using her grocery money for such a purpose, well-intentioned or not.

I had to concede she probably had a point.

So then, as a gift to you all, I wrote a Christmas poem, A Visit from Gambrinus.  It posted earlier today at Hoperatives.com, and I have to admit that as goofy as it kind of is, I’m very happy with how it turned out.  It goes like this…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and long ‘fore the feast,
All was quite still, ‘cept the bubbling of yeast.

The mantle was covered with decorative steins,

waiting to be filled with

Well, maybe you should just go read it for yourself over there!

A very Merry Christmas from me and the Puddinette to all you!


One thought on “A gift of marginal value, at best

  1. Groceries are overrated 🙂 I managed to fire down a rum and coke or two at a little 84-85 pub visit and I’m sure we’ll eat just fine – Lol


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